What I Do Each Morning To Motivate My Day


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Hey Lovelies, 

After a hectic few days, I feel like I need a few just to relax. Taking some vital me-time has become a morning ritual for me recently and I have found it has really helped to set me up for the day.

Setting alarms and alerts have also made it a lot easier for me to calm down and not worry as much. Something I think we all do a lot of today. At 24, I’m learning to listen to my body and to give it what it needs. Having an eating disorder has led me to thinking about it more than I ever did before. Especially when it is telling me something.

There so, I wanted to share some of the things I have started doing in the morning that has really helped me. I try to do these things each morning now and hope they can help you during the colder months. A time when it is harder to get up and motivated.

These are just a few things that make my days start a bit brighter:

Setting an Alarm: For a while, I used to just lie in until around 9am. Now I set an alarm for 7am every morning. I don’t force myself to get out of bed, just to wake up gradually and to get moving a little bit. A stretch in bed. A full roll-out (normally because I need a wee). Whatever my body needs I do.

Clean My Face and Fix My Hair: Going full-on Lizzo, I head to the mirror first if I jump out of bed and wash my face and clip back the wild hair that has escaped my plaits. This makes me feel a bit more put together and ready for the day, even if I am still in my pajamas.

Drink Some Water and Clean My Teeth: Due to my disorder, I am currently on a lot of medicine. Each day I get up and drink a bottle of water first thing, whilst using it to also dissolve the tablets I need to take. When this is fizzing, I clean my teeth to make sure they are coated, as the tablet is quite sweet. I also like to have fresh breath to set me up.

Make A Cup of Tea: No day has been started right unless a cup of tea or coffee is enjoyed first thing. In fact, any hot drink will make the cold winter morning easier. I like to have my Pukka Organic Wild Apple and Cinnamon tea in bed after sorting myself out. Whilst it cools, I read a magazine, my tablet or book. However, recently it has been the news. I also take a vitamin during this time too.

Making My Bed: When I am ready to get up, normally around 8:30am, I make sure to make my bed. That way I feel like my day has really started. I then lay my fresh clothes out on it and head to the shower or downstairs for breakfast.

This routine is what I try and do each day, but some days I don’t manage to do it. I love my new routine though and feel like the hour in the morning is mine. It is quiet and peaceful. It may be dark outside but I like that. What do you do in the morning lovelies? Share your routines with me in the comments below or on social!

Joey X

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