Five Things That Always Happen In November Whether We Expect Them or Not


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Hey Lovelies, 

Heading into the month of December makes November seem like a bit of a random month. It is a time when we all start to lose our minds a little bit. We go from Halloween to Bonfire Night to a bit of a gap in-between. This is normally spent buying presents, planning presents or pretending that Christmas isn’t coming with never-ending binge-watch sessions on Netflix.

I like November. In fact, I find it to be a very busy month as last-minute December plans get put into place. There are always things that happen in November that you can guarantee. These are just a few of them that you may not expect but always pop up during the 11th month of the year:

Someone’s Birthday Happens: Whether you know it or not, amid buying Christmas presents, someone you know has a birthday. This leads to mad present buying or worrying as you gift them the present you perfectly planned for the 25th December instead. Whatever happens, you will be grateful for the new outfits in stores you can wear.

Fireworks Will Go Off: Even though Bonfire/Fireworks Night happens on the 5th November, you can be sure that Fireworks will now be going off from then until the 1st January. Probably even after that to be fair depending on where you live.

You Won’t Be Able to Resist a Christmas Special: November means a changing of the times for TV and streaming services. Films and specials get blasted on the big and small screen. A debate happens about when it is okay to start watching them. I’ve already started to be honest lovelies and give you permission to as well. Life is to short to care, especially if it brings you happiness.

Advent Calendars and Selection Boxes May Get Eaten Early: We plan to save them until December. However, with their glaring ways and taunting looks not many of us can resist them. There goes 25 days’ worth of treats in one sitting during the classic Gavin & Stacey Christmas special. And rightly so!

Christmas Decorations Will Tempt You In: Making a vow not to buy any more Christmas decorations this year, you will find yourself in your local supermarket snapping up an LED wooden tree before you know it. Stars, tinsels, festive baubles, there is no stopping the delights of the best season of all drawing you in. I say this after just buying an Elf Adventure Game fromThe Entertainer!

Oh November, how we love you and your madness!

Joey X

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