Five Things We Find Ourselves Doing In Honour of I'm A Celebrity


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Hey Lovelies,

I’m A Celebrity has been back for nearly a week now and I can’t get enough of it. I have learnt so much about each contestant. Have a favourite already and want to be in the camp with them. Although, the last one on that list is not a must right now.

Every year though, I also find myself thinking about how much the nation changes when the show comes back on. We sort of hideaway and become people who don’t want to go out. We want to watch them eat horrific things, gag all over and scream at huge snakes. Does that make us evil? Well, sometimes it is good to be bad.

Throughout the three weeks in which the show is on, these five things are just some of what we find ourselves doing in dedication:

Not Eating Dinner When Watching: You know that there is always going to be something that makes you gag when watching. Do not at dinner when watching. You may find that it will put you off whatever you are eating.

All Plans Will Be Cancelled: Forget going out! From 9pm every night, you will cancel all plans and stay in. Friends birthday? You will make it up to them. Family get together? Host it at yours. Anniversary? Plan a night in instead.

You Will Have A Favourite: From the moment the show starts, you will find yourself loving one special celeb the most. Caitlyn, Ian, Jacqueline or Kate, whoever it may be, they will rule your heart until their departure. Even if that comes after they have been crowned the winner.

Google Will Become Your Best Friend: If there is a celebrity you don’t know; Google will become your best friend. Soon you will know all their relatives, social posts from years ago and their address. Or in the case of James, a lot more about his sex life than you needed to know.

Picking Between Shows Will Become A Challenge: 9pm is a popular time for TV shows and it will soon become a challenge to select one to watch. You will be searching your heart to see which one means the most. Sleep will be lost catching up on those that came after, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Who is your favourite I’m A Celeb contestant this year lovelies?

Joey X

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