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Martin Clunes has long been a British legend when it comes to his time on screen. Whether he is exploring real-life issues or heading into the world of comedy, he always knows how to draw his audience in. With Doc Martin heading into its ninth season, out today on DVD and digitally, Clunes continues to shine and make his way with the character in a brilliant manner that many of us will miss when it ends.

Over the course of eight episodes, Clune’s Doc Martin is taking on a new role within the home. As is his wife, Louisa (Caroline Catz), who has decided to leave behind her role as the local headmistress to be a child counsellor. After witnessing her son turning into his father, her concern for the pair grows, especially with her wanting to try for another child in the future. Together, the duo battles the local community and their medical problems, as well as their own marriage issues.

When watching Doc Martin, there is always a sense that you are really going inside a doctor’s home. You can imagine some of the weird and wonderful illnesses happening. In fact, you wonder if you have been one of the strange ones who have gone in with problems like those shown on screen. However, what you don’t normally get from an appointment, which you do get from Doc Martin is the joy of watching.

Whatever age you are, there is a comfort to the show that speaks autumn/winter cosy Sunday nights. Plus, with the addition of some big names, there is the familiar appeal of seeing who crops up in the show and what they will have wrong with them.

Unlike turning off when you watch the gore of shows like ER or Grey’s Anatomy, Doc Martin is a family-friendly feature that every age can delve into in your pyjamas. Grab a blanket, some cheese on toast and book an appointment, because this is the one for you to enjoy this winter.

4 Stars

Joey X

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