Have A DIY Christmas This Christmas With These Freebie Websites


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Hey Lovelies, 

I don’t know whether it is just me or the cold chill that has come this week, but I feel like now is the right time to hibernate. To escape the breeze, the winter leaves and the dreary rain that comes with living in England.

At the moment I am living for warm cups of tea, TV specials and Netflix festive features. Getting up in the morning and leaving my electric blanket is a struggle, but when I face the day head-on, I feel motivated.

There so, I have been thinking about what I want to do in December. I want to be crafty and have some creative fun. Something that I couldn’t wait to do in fact. All leading me into a frenzy of DIY shopping and seeking.

Using websites and social media, I have gathered lots of ideas of things I want to recreate for Christmas. I want my home to resemble a grotto of sorts. To look like something, you may find in a cheesy TV film. Deck The Halls epic levels. Okay, maybe that is taking it too far.

Yet, there are many ways this can be achieved on the cheap or for nothing. After a successful money saving post in Blogtober, I wanted to share some of the places I have found great Christmas items for nothing that may help you during the festive season.

They will definitely help you deck the halls with bows of holly and more...

Freecycle: No matter where you live, I am certain you will have a Freecycle online. Our local one features people giving away decorations, lights and even perfect Christmas trees all year round. Something worth watching it for.

Gumtree: Whilst many know it as being a site to sell stuff on, Gumtree also has a freebies section. Fabulous for finding furniture, toys and household essentials, lots of amazing free items can appear that are great for the festive season and beyond.

Preloved: A bit like Gumtree, this also has a freebies section that is equally perfect for picking up Christmas essentials. There aren’t as many posts, but when they appear, they can be great.

Facebook Market: I do love me some Facebook sale sites. Years ago, when they first appeared, I thought they were a bit strange. Now they are great for finding things in your local area for much cheaper than in the shops.

HotUKDeals: One for those of us in the UK, the website has a breakdown of all the big branded items that are on offer. Plus, it even has a section for voucher codes and freebies. I’ve picked up loads from the freebies section and use it every day to see what I can pick up when I next go out. Sellotape from WHSmith’s, I think so!

By simply googling for freebies, I have found so many helpful places online lovelies. Take a few moments to do so and you can too. Now is a perfect time as well, with so many festive offers. Do you pick up bargain’s lovelies? If so, what websites do you use?

Joey X

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