Create A More Mindful Home With Dunelm and Their SS20 Collection! All You Need To Know...


Hey Lovelies, 

Christmas may not have even arrived yet and already the world of fashion and interior is preparing us for Spring/Summer. Runways have been alighted with lighter colours and fancy affairs. Something that is being reflected in the moods of 2020 Easter time and beyond.

After heading to the Dunelm festive show back in July, the team kindly asked me if I would like to see how they would be planning and hosting their SS20. And of course, I just had to say yes. Walking into the showroom in London’s Fitzrovia with my mum, I was greeted by a sense of calm and relaxation across their three themed atmospheres.

Sanctuary, Elements and Eastern Escape are the names of the Dunelm SS20 rooms and that was definitely what you got. With neutral tones, textured patterns and textiles, bamboo, geometric prints, florals and faux silk and golds, everything you could possibly want for your living room and more had been cantered for.

Stepping into the first room, we were greeted by an Easter-themed kitchen. Yellow toasters and kettles. Bunny cake stands, egg cups and salt and pepper pots. Pastel place settings and themed dinnerware. Think of Easter and this was what you got. As we walked around it, our amazing host Charlotte let us know all about how Easter was something Dunelm wanted to work hard on. The cosy tones of Spring and life popping out of the room. They had succeeded highly.

Both my mum and I were picking out pieces we wanted straight away – especially a bunny cake stand – and were able to pick up several tips for when our new kitchen gets fitted in a few weeks. Having never had the shelving space for jars or glass storage, we loved that Dunelm had thought about the environment in theirs, by adding in little touches like this to remind everyone to use them. They even let us know that you can save money by doing so.

Moving onto the next room, we were taken into the Outdoor Living area. With gorgeous grey seating areas splashed with multi-coloured cushions, the standout piece was really what was overhead. Never really thinking about it before, the team showed us a new parasol creation. One that had prints inside and outside of it. The reason why? Because when you are sitting under it, you should still be able to see the pretty designs. Something that seemed so simple when they said it, but an idea I have never actually seen be put in place. Now, I am dreaming of reading a book in the shade, whilst surrounded by their faux greenery screens that can be pinned up on your fence or in rooms or weddings.

Leading on from the outdoors space, we headed into the dining area. Coated in blues, greys and whites, the gorgeous dining area had surprise licks of gold and black to add contrast to them. However, nothing could take my eye off the seated area. Each velvet plush seat fitted the table gorgeously and at £69, they were also a bit of steal too. I could picture them not just in the dining area, but in other rooms in the house, such as an office or a bedroom setting as well.

The room was probably one of the darkest themed, but it worked entirely. Even when placed next to the bedroom setting, which came next. Lighter tones of pink and a brighter grey were the main focus, however, the theme of gold and mirror also continued. With the whole idea of the home being that of being more mindful towards yourself and your home, the team had placed a mirrored tray with accessories to show how ideal the space was for breakfast in bed. There were easy storage solutions in a new pink velvet ottoman. Plus, a beautifully carved bedside table.

However, the show space did reflect the way of living we all know and the next items we were guided to were perfect for a home office and living room. A gorgeous grey sofa filled the area, which was decorated by white lacy curtains. A Fulton ladder shelving unit, which also had a matching desk area. One that would be small enough for even the tiniest of homes, but perfect to store everything you would need for your business or home office. 

Out of everything we saw, this is the piece I wanted the most. I want to create a proper area in my room to blog (currently I stand in the kitchen) and this just called to me. Shown with a matching stool, it would work with the velvet chairs shown at the dining table earlier too. At £129, I might just have to invest when it comes out next year.

After a busy day at home or at work, there is only one room you really want to fall into. The bathroom. Whether it is cleaning off the grime from a hectic commute or just to take a moment to relax, the Spa-room as they called it, was full of greenery and whites. Everything had a place and the environment had been reflected in small touches. Bamboo lampshades, toothbrushes and hampers were dotted around the space. Whilst real plants and greenery were placed high and low to give a natural feel. Just think of Chandler in Friends having a bath and this is what you can expect if you were to recreate Dunelm’s vision.

Finally, we were led into a room full of accessories and little touches. One’s the Dunelm styling and creative team loved the most. Grey and gold photo frames. Planetary pictures. Smiling cushions. Even a Holly Willoughby collection that only dreams could come up with. Each little element really reflected the mindful theme and a sense of calm.

Throughout the tour, my mum and I picked out lots of elements we would love to have added in. Yet, with a little while to wait and Christmas soon coming, we will have to embrace the chaos first. Something I am super excited about. 

Yet, we couldn’t leave the show without taking a bit of it home with us. Sitting down with an amazing creator, we made a spring/summer-themed wreath to take home with us. One that I have to admit, I have already hung up in my room.

Due out early next year, Dunelm will be launching their collection both in-store and online, so make sure to keep an eye out for them lovelies. The idea of a more mindful 2020 seems like a really good idea don’t you think? I couldn’t dream of anything more!

Joey X

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