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Hey Lovelies, 

London has a certain charm about it at Christmas. The way it looks. The shopping and cosy markets. The happiness and love you can feel in the air. All of which brought to life in many classic festive features that have starred the city. Including newcomer, Last Christmas.

Paul Feig takes to the director’s seat to deliver a tale from the amazing Emma Thompson and Bryony Kimmings. A story based on the amazing songs from George Michael, who certainly knows how to charm us all at Christmas. Having grown up in Yugoslavia, Kate (Emilia Clarke) is struggling to deal with what life is throwing at her after suffering a terrible illness. Working in the ultimate Santa’s Grotto in Covent Garden, she meets Tom Webster (Henry Golding). A man who sees the best in all.

Having grown up with a mother (Emma Thompson) who is terrified of what life may bring, including Brexit, Kate soon sees that the relationships around her may not be as bad as they seem thanks to Tom. However, not all is as it seems, and the pair’s relationship is soon filled with the mystery and chaos that Christmas can bring.

Let me start by saying that the film is in no way perfect. Yet, neither is Christmas. A key reason why it is such a joy to watch. Filled with Michael’s songs and Christmas classics that will keep you smiling, the cast and crew have a feature to be proud of. Feig and Thompson have captured London at its best and with that comes a film full of charm and love.

With the script reflecting what we have all come to know Thompson for being so good at, it mixes modern issues with the fantasy that the festive season brings. There is a hint of Fleabag about the story with the family dynamic. When watching the way, they bond, especially the sisters, you can match it to the thought-out process of the show. However, it isn’t a turn-off.

There aren’t many elements in fact that don’t work. If you are a fan of Christmas, you will know that this is a story that will bring you hope. It will make you love this time of year. It will make you want to go out and help others. It will make you thankful for the people around you. Feig and Thompson have taken every chance they can to make audiences simply think about love and how it is everywhere. Thompson certainly sticking with the ideas of Love Actually but with all her own ideas.

Regarding the casting, it is just what this film needs. Clarke is charming as Kate, whilst Golding is equally bewitching as Tom. When the big twist is revealed, you can imagine these two going through this together. There is a trust that has obviously flowed between the pair easily through filming that comes off on-screen near enough to pure perfection. Something that is also shown in the scenes with Kate’s family and her time spent in the homeless shelter.

Love or loathe Christmas, Last Christmas is the film you need to see this festive season. Full of charm, heart and London, it is a sweet story that will have you singing, dancing and demanding a change as positive as that in the film as soon as possible. Christmas demands a lot of heart and this feature certainly delivers it.

4 Stars

Joey X

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