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After a divided first outing a few years ago, 2019 marked the return of Godzilla, months are King Kong caused mayhem around the world. Returning in King of the Monsters, which is out today on DVD, Blu-ray and digitally, the mega-lizard is back to fight for supremacy against some of his toughest villains yet.

Five years on from when he took on MUTOs in San Francisco, Godzilla has been keeping quiet. As have those that he thought before. However, when Monarch, a crypto-zoological agency decides to run frequency waves to see if they can bring them back, he is soon faced with taking down Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah, to be named as the most supreme monster of all time.

With new faces including Stranger Things Millie Bobbie Brown and The Conjuring’s Vera Farmiga, the film builds on what could be a promising outing for the monster. With the idea of a battle taking place, there is hope throughout and pre-viewing that you will get to see more of him than you did in the first of director Gareth Edward’s two features. However, that doesn’t quite happen and again the film focuses to much on the human element of the monster story.

Instead of feeling like a king of a story for the beast, it becomes a heartfelt tale of what the humans can do and how they work. It is an element that doesn’t bring joy to the viewer though. More of an annoyance, as the battle becomes about them. Unlike War of the Worlds, it is a feature that feels like it needs the monsters to come out more. Especially the one in which the film is named after.

The script and plot of the film lack any depth and the characters, equally both new and old, are not allowed or given the time to shine. They become lost in CGI and over the top moments that never really fit. For a monster feature, it all just delves under and the idea of a supreme villain waves off in the direction Godzilla came.

For a once heroic horror star, Godzilla has been let down again in this sequel and it is sad to see. Hopefully, the story will now be laid to rest and we can all pretend that the previous one and this let him just be the King of the Monsters from the original features.

2 Stars

Joey x

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