Blogtober Day 13: Hamper in on Prestige Hampers Gifts This Christmas


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Hey Lovelies, 

Christmas is a time for food and sweet treats. I realised this a lot last year when I was first heading into counselling for my eating disorder. It is a time in which all limits are off and the world goes wild for the sweetest of edible delights. And rightly so lovelies! Even though I struggle to eat any of it, I appreciate it a lot and will often spoil my family members with treats that I see.

This includes buying my mum special hampers and baskets that she can pick from throughout the festive break. Last year, I got her a great cheese and cracker hamper. This year though, I am a bit stuck. Having been a huge fan of Prestige Hampers, I emailed them to see what they were working on this year and kindly, they sent me an amazing hamper to try out.

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Called Fabulous Christmas, the standing handmade hamper features a wide selection that the whole family can choose from. Including three different sorts of wines, crisps, chocolates and a Christmas pudding that the family will be fighting for. Mine will be at least.

Upon arrival, I picked out all the cardboard worms to see what was inside the set and my discovery was more than I could have imagined. Inside, you are treated to the following:

  • Founders Stone Merlot 
  • Founders Stone White Zinfandel
  • Founders Stone Pinot Grigio 
  • Yorkshire Crisps in Natural Sea Salt Flavour
  • Black Olive Savoury Farmhouse Biscuits
  • Matthew Walker Luxury Gold Christmas Pudding
  • Ooh! Chocolate Honey Blond Chocolate Bar
  • Belgian Marc De Champagne Fancy Truffles
  • Caramel Belgian Chocolate Thins
  • Mackay's Christmas Preserve with Mulled Wine
  • Mackay's Christmas Marmalade with Cranberries

For me, the hamper showed that breakfast, lunch and dinner had been thought about when the team created it. I can imagine my family on Christmas morning delving in and tucking into the preserve and marmalade, with a cracking cup of tea. Before moving on to the wines at dinner and the sweeter treats in the evening. However, I could also see this hamper working perfectly as an early Christmas Eve box or a Boxing Day easy to grab feast.

Pairing these items with leftovers or other chocolates and alcohol would also make the hamper great as a present or for a party. You don’t even have to add anything to it if you don’t want to. For £54.99, including the handmade hamper, it is one of the cheapest hampers I have seen on the market recently with so much within it too. You can’t help but be pleased with the amount you get and the amount you would pay at all.

Prestige Hampers are very good for making pieces that last throughout the year and this Christmas they have made hampers big and small. They have a gift that would suit everyone or a treat for yourself and your home that you can delve into without any regrets.

I am so glad that I asked the team to help me find a hamper this year, as I have definitely got a lot of ideas from their website and will be looking closer to the time to see what they have available. However, for now, I am ready to share with my mum this amazing hamper, which is out now to buy. I will also be reusing the hamper as a picnic hamper in the future or to regift items to others, as it is great to store bottles and little treats within.

To find out more about Prestige Hampers or to see what they are bringing out for the festivities this year, head to their Christmas section lovelies. I can’t believe it is only two months until the big day and shopping has already commenced. How are you doing lovelies with it all?

Joey X

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