Blogtober Day Eight: The Best Board Games To Spend A Cosy Afternoon With


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Hey Lovelies,

When the cold months settle in, going out doesn’t always seem like the nicest option anymore. As soon as the autumn leaves begin to fall, I will wrap up in my boots, coat and scarf before even thinking of going out the door. And when I am inside it is all about the warmth of my heating and cosy PJs.

Staying in can be a bit boring for me and I do struggle with it at times. Finding things to do is to keep my mind occupied is very important. There is nothing better for this than a board or video game to get you through an afternoon. These are just some new hits that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy this autumn/winter:

Tetris Speed Card Game: Many of is are used to playing Tetris via the computer, but this new card game makes it easier to play as a family. Using every possible sense to keep on top of what is happening and who is winning, this is a game that will keep you guessing throughout. But it sure does bring a lot of fun.

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Play Stuff Dough Pizza and Pasta Playset: More suitable for the little ones in your life, this new Playdough inspired restaurant is so cute. Easily able to be stored away, the game comes with a number of different colours to make the famous pasta dishes in the kitchen section of the game, to be served on the other side. This is a great game to take with you if you are on the move.

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Nintendo Switch: Playing handheld games has become a new favourite of mine and the Switch is great for at home and on the go. Loaded with modern, free and classic Nintendo features, you are spoilt for choice on what to play. At all levels it doesn’t matter what age you are with this device.

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Monopoly Voice Banking Game: Don’t worry about counting out the money anymore, because now it is all voice led. Shout out how much you want to spend or are owed, and the voice control will manage it for you. If only getting real money was this easy.

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Dough Nab: When I first heard about this game, I won’t lie I was a bit confused. Yet, the more I play it the more I love it. Trying to get the matching doughnuts as quickly as possible, this is a skill-based game that will have you all fighting to win. Plus, who doesn’t love doughnuts?

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There are so many more classic games that I could include, but these are just a few of the fun new ones that I have found. For me, I love the pasta one the most and find it so handy to carry around for my nephew to play with. It is also perfect for the Italian side of our family aha!

What games do you like to play on a cosy evening lovelies?

Joey X

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