Blogtober Day 29: Five Money Advice Tips To Help You Save This Autumn/Winter


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Hey Lovelies,

Autumn and winter are my favourite months of the year. Staying cosy and warm inside your home, with the fire on, great films on the TV and the endless selection of pyjamas are what it is all about. Sometimes though you do have to delve out into the wild cold to embrace the Halloween sweet shop and Christmas present buying.

For me, I adore this process. I even like going out on Christmas Eve and watching people running around like mad. Racing to get those last-minute gifts and feast items. However, after working on a finance website for several years, I also know that it is a hard time of year when it comes to money.

We all want to save, and we all want to find the best deals. It can be hard to do this all the time though, especially when some people don’t understand, or you are worried about what people may think. Having gained some knowledge though on how to save at this time of year, I thought I would make one of my last Blogtober posts a money-saving one. Because Christmas officially starts after the 5th November, right?

Below are five tips that I hope can help you over the next few months lovelies:

Book Your Travel Now: If the dates are available, book your festive travel now, instead of leaving it to the last minute. The Trainline website is a great comparison site, but you can also find early bird deals at your independent train organisation. Getting the tickets early means you won’t have to worry about the big jump in costs that comes as the months go on. Some start at just £10 compared to the hundreds they can go into later. Plus, you can pick the best seats to sit on.

Make Your Own Gifts: I am a big sucker when it comes to a homemade gift. I like to make decorations, baked goods and even keep a cupboard of presents or items I have found throughout the year in case I don’t have a gift ready. However, a homemade one is always best and shows a lot of thought. Why not make your best friend a scrapbook or album of your best moments? Use old jars and create cooking oils, pickles, jams or even put in all the ingredients to bake their favourite treats. Know they need help with tasks throughout the year? Make a voucher book with all the things they may need help with, giving them the opportunity to use them when they need them. They will think so much more of it than a pair of socks.

Do A Christmas Jumper Swap: Looking for a new Christmas jumper but can’t afford them or see the right one? Why not host a Christmas jumper swap with your loved ones and friends. Or even set a task of who can find the best one from a charity shop for the other person. A bit like Secret Santa. That way you can save money and you will be doing good too. An essential when it comes to Christmas.

Use Social Media to Save: There are so many websites and groups that focus on helping you to save money. Since I was signed off work, I have been using the Facebook groups, Money Saving Bargain Hunters and Extreme Couponing to save money and both have been amazing. I am now always on the lookout for a reduced item and even share them on their website too. They are the first to pop stuff up I find, and everyone is really helpful and kind at mentioning overs to help them save if they were looking for something.

Make A Budget: It may sound like the simplest of tasks to do, but making a budget will help you save in the long run. I always like to sit with my mum at the end of summer and set out what I am getting and how much to spend. That way, everyone gets an equal amount and I know who I have got for already. I can also see if she has any ideas or has anything, she can suggest I buy. Use an old notebook or an online budget tool to help you keep track. You may find you have a little left for a sneaky present for yourself too.

I could go on for a long time about other ways to save lovelies. I find it a really interesting topic to write about and if you have liked this let me know, as I would be happy to give you some more tips if you would like them. Christmas can be a tough time for many, myself included, so if you can find any of these of use, I will be so happy. It is time to start spreading Christmas joy.

Joey X

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