Blogtober Day 22: My Favourite Autumn Home Essentials To Survive The Cold


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Hey Lovelies,

Fall is one of those amazing times of the year where big jumpers, blankets and duvets become acceptable at all times of the day. Recently, my postman has seen me in a Mickey Mouse jumper, long pyjama bottoms that are tucked into long fluffy socks and I didn’t care. He is going to see a lot worse during the next few months I am sure.

There is simply a non-written rule during October, November and December, where fashion rules go out the window. Wearing a coat outdoors means whatever is underneath is hidden. Wearing a dressing gown inside means hibernation is in full effect and no judgements shall pass. In every home, there are vital essentials though that are needed to make it the cosiest place in the world.

Our house is often filled with the following, in a way that reminds me of when animals prepare and store food for the colder months, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. See below for the five pieces every home needs to get through the cold months well:

Blanket: Thick, chunky and in your favourite colour. Whether it sits on the end of your bed, over it or on the sofa ready to be snuggled with, every home needs a blanket for winter. Gather as many as you can and make a fort even to hide away in one weekend.

A Big Mug: Every house and every person in it needs a big mug during winter. Orangutan themed. Plain. Dotted. Whatever colour, shape, theme it is, you need to have a big mu for all the cosy drinks and pumpkin spiced lattes that the winter season brings to make sure you stay warm lovelies.

Slow Cooker: Probably the most random one of them all, but winter calls for stews, dumplings and cosy food that you can prep and not worry about for the rest of the day. Walking into a warm home at the end of the day to a meal ready to be eaten makes it a whole lot easier and motivating than when you come in and know you have to prep it.

Electric Blanket: A bit of a controversial one, but recently I got myself an electric blanket and I can’t get enough of it. The most amazing thing I have ever brought, this comes on when I go to bed and goes off when I get out of it. It is the only snuggle buddy I need.

Slippers: More of a clothing item than a household one, there is something about slippers being beside the door when you come in that makes them a staple piece for any house. I love grabbing mine in the evening and popping them off just before I get into bed, knowing my feet are all cosy. Who else is with me?

A Winter Duvet Cover: Whether it is a simple autumn based one or a Christmas special, any festive duvet is a winner in our house. We even buy them in January when they are on sale to be prepared. I have one for every week from November to the start of January and I have no regrets. This year, I have an Elf themed one, which I am not sure is scary or simply incredible.

I am sure I have missed off a few things on here that I always need, but these are really standing out to me right now as winter essentials we have. If I had to pick just one thing to get from the above though, it would have to be the electric blanket lovelies. Honestly, I am really struggling to get up now aha!

Joey X 

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