Retro Week: The Best Places To Find Vintage/Vintage Inspired Fashion


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Hey Lovelies, 

Fashion may come and go, but trends will always go back and forth. In a time when it is so important to try and restore, renew and recycle our items of clothing to help the planet, retro and vintage pieces are helping. Recently, I have been going into more charity shops and looking for ways online I can change up how I wear something, so I don’t have to go out and shop.

There are lots of amazing places out there, it just takes a little bit of time to find them lovelies. Especially when the world of fashion is always on the go. However, to help you a bit and to give you some inspiration as to how you can wear the pieces from your favourite film or TV show, whatever the decade or theme, I have gathered some of the best retro shops right here.

Beyond Retro: If you have never been to Beyond Retro than you won’t know about the amazing prices they have on retro and vintage pre-owned pieces. You can recreate any look for an affordable price. My best friend got some classic Levi’s shorts for £15. A bargain!

Rokit: When visiting Covent Garden, head in front of the station and go along to Rokit. It is a 90s child’s dream. I always have to stop myself from going mad. In fact, the last time I was there I had to stop myself from buying a retro Disneyland Paris jumper. I regret it to this day.

Lindy Bop: More vintage-inspired than pre-owned, the clothing in this shop is beautiful. You can tell that every detail has been thought about and the looks on the ladies are dreamy. I want to have a 50s/60s party and make everyone wear a piece from here.

Truffle Shuffle: 70s/80s/90s/00s children can delight in Truffle Shuffle’s collections. The team are lovely and go the extra mile with all their products, including sending classic sweets with each order. Right now, I am loving their new Forever Friends and Groovy Chick lines, as they make me want to be a little kid again. Check out the Polly Pocket bag too lovelies! 

Depop: If you are looking to buy or sell a vintage piece than Depop is the place to go. Whilst it houses modern and newer pieces too, the retro items sell out the quickest. All for a great price too. If you get the app, I will warn you it is tempting.

Brag Vintage: Modern and retro pieces work side by side here to give you the latest trends and looks. With more of a brand-led feel, there are names you will recognise and trust instantly, but for a more affordable and planet friendly cost.

Voodoo Vixen: Tea party dresses and 40s/50s/60s fashion are what dreams are made of here. Curl your hair, get the girls or boys together and party like its 1945 with these pieces. Simply lovely and creative, vintage is the place to go with these looks.

Asos Marketplace: A bit like Depop, Asos Marketplace allows you to buy and sell your items, whilst also promoting all kinds of trends. Don’t worry if you don’t normally shop at Asos either, the brands and clothing are not all from there, as sellers have made a collection of true variety. 

There is also the amazing selection of charity shops available on the high street lovelies, which I have found some lovely pieces in. Some even being designer. As well, you could also look around a local car boot or jumble sale lovelies. Retro, vintage or pre-owned, there are so many ways to get the latest trends for less. You will be going back in forth in fashionable pieces before you know it.

Joey X

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