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Hey Lovelies,

Retro week has officially started on the blog and today we are going back in time to the 90s. The decade in which I was born. The era that gave us the internet, McDonald's legendary toys and so much more.

Having discovered this tag online, I thought it was a fun way to continue on into the week. I hope that it gives you also a little bit more inside knowledge about me. I was born in 1995, right in the middle of the decade. For five beautiful years, I got to experience the best of 90s music, fashion, food and films. The tag below highlights just a few of my favourite things...

Who was your favourite music artist of the 90s?
I was obsessed with S Club 7 and Blue when I was younger. Mostly it was S Club 7 though and when they reformed a few years ago, I had to go and see them. They were so bad, but I loved every minute of it!

What was your favourite 90s sweets?
I used to go to my corner shop or village post office and get penny sweets a lot of the time. However, I love strawberry laces or giant Haribo strawberry sweets the most and used to treat myself to them a lot of the time. My ice cream van used to do massive laces for 10p and if I was lucky enough to get a pound from my parents, I would get them with it.

Did you have a favourite McDonald’s toy from the 90s?
I remember wanting the Betty Spaghetty dolls when they were the big thing and the Beanie Babies the most, so probably one of these. Oh, and all the Barbie ones too!

What was your favourite 90s clothing store?
I didn’t really have a favourite shop in the 90s, because I was so little. However, I do remember wanting to shop a lot at Tammy Girl in our local BHS store. I never did though *sad times*.

Did you have a favourite Nick Jr or Disney Junior programme?
Out of the Box on the Disney Junior channel. Still to this day, me and my mum will sing the theme tune to it if we over here someone or we say those words. I also loved Rolie Polie Ollie, Bananas in Pyjamas and Sesame Street. Plus, of course, a certain purple dinosaur called Barney.

What would you watch when you came home from school? 
As soon as I would get out of nursery, I can remember coming in and eating jam sandwiches whilst watching Out of the Box and Bear in the Big Blue House. Out of the Box was a Disney Junior show and I can’t remember what Bear in the Big Blue House was on. It was truly epic though!

Britney or Christina?
I am going to be controversial here and say, Christina! I do love me some Britney but for some reason, I have always liked Christina better.

How many Beanie Babies did you have and what one was your favourite?
I had a few that were brought for me as presents and a few from my parents, but not many. I remember having a multicoloured bunny that I got as a gift and I loved it.

Did you own a virtual pet (Tamagotchi, etc.)?
In primary school, I saved all my money and brought myself a Tamagotchi with it. Still to this day I have it somewhere. I loved it until I got myself a Pixel Chix and a flip diary-type game.

What were your favourite video game system and game for it?
I loved the Gameboy Colour and PlayStation One. I was way too young, but my brothers used to let me play GTA with them and Tomb Raider. Who else used to lock the butler in the cupboard?

What was the best Disney movie of the 90s?
OMG! I can’t pick! I love Disney too much to pick just one, but I will state that Beauty and the Beast has a very, very special place in my heart. That is all I am saying on the matter.

Would you rather be born in any other time period, and if so, which one?
I would have loved to have been born in the 60s or 80s, just to see what it was like. However, I am super proud to be a 90s child. It was an epic time and I want to go back in time to then so much. Who else is with me?

Please feel free to take the tag and do it on your own websites’ lovelies. Just make sure to let me know if you do it, as I would love to hear all your answers to what life was like for you in the 90s!

Joey X

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