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Good Morning Lovelies, 

In England, Summer is a funny old time. One minute we can be basking in the glory of temperatures over 20 and the next we are running for cover and trying to protect our burnt BBQ burgers. However, as someone who has grown up with this, I love it.

I adore walking past a London pub and seeing everyone gathered outside it after a long day, chatting away with each other. I love seeing people heading to outdoor cinemas, concerts and picnics in the parks. And I love the fashion that comes with the season. Sliders, sunglasses and swimsuits.

With Love Island having a huge influence on how we are all marking the warm months, it is easy to get wrapped up in well-known brands. However, Amazon is changing the way with Eono. A private brand, who create beauty essentials for all at affordable prices, with not one item over £20. Together, the pair have made it easy for summer skin to look glorious all year round.

Here are just a few of my favourite items that I will be investing in from the collection:

Eono Essentials Foundation Kabuki Flat Top Make-Up Brush, £6.80: Making your concealer and foundation easier to apply, this brush looks like it is going to be a real joy to use. I am thinking of getting it to help with my daily moisturising routine.

Eono Essentials Blackhead Remover Tool, £3.99: Okay I know this may be disgusting, but I have a bit of a thing for removing my blackheads on my nose. I could spend hours getting rid of them and this tool looks like it is going to satisfy all my beauty disgusting needs.

Eono Essentials Eyelash Comb Curlers, £5.99: Ever since I was a teenager, I have been lucky enough to have thick long lashes that don’t need mascara. When I have curled them before, I can make them touch my eyebrows. Spider’s legs are a must aha! I always try and experiment with different curlers to find the ones that give me the best results and I am hoping these ones will do the job.

Eono Essentials Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag, £7.99: I think this is so nifty for helping to make space and storage simple when travelling. With enough room for all yours and your family’s/partner’s/extra products you may buy when on holiday, it is a beauty must for all your little bottles and make up marvels.

Eono Essentials Portable Folding Makeup Mirror, £9.29: Whether it is taking this on holiday to beat the one mirror horror or for using at home, this folding mirror is perfect for simplifying how we apply our make up or plucking pesky eyebrows.

Eono Essentials Make Up Brushes 16 Piece Set, £19.99: Sparkly, pink and vegan, this ethical 16-piece collection is what dreams are made of. Even in the images, the brushes look super soft and it is drawing me right in.

Eono Essentials Clear Toiletry Bag Travel Luggage Pouches, £11.99: There is nothing more annoying than having a bottle leak whilst travelling. It is definitely easy to see why Ross kicks off on Friends about it. These simple storage systems make it easier to put them into order and save your clothes from the horrors of leakages.

Eono Essentials Eye Makeup Brushes 12 Piece Set, £10.99: They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. With this set, they will be as colourful as stainless glass windows lovelies. Or well simply well looked after.

Eono Essentials Makeup Brush Cleaner Cleaning Tool, £4.99: When on the move, it is easy to forget to bring all your cleaning products or if you are like me to not be bothered to do so aha! However, with this simple tool, we can finally slot something in our makeup bags/handbags and have a good clean wherever we are.

Eono Essentials Duo Eyebrow Brush and Spoolie, £4.75: Another tool to make your face pop, this eyebrow brush will help to keep those tiny hairs in check. If you are like me and have big bushy ones, this will be great to use after the shower. Or to add some colour to your brows if you use makeup on them lovelies.

Eono has lots more everyday items, including household, tech and sports-related pieces that make travelling and everyday life simple. Check out Amazon’s website to find out more lovelies and let me know if you have ever used their products before, so I can discover more!

Joey X

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