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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Based on a real-life story, Fisherman’s Friends quietly slipped into cinemas to be enjoyed by sadly not so many. Yet, it surely made an impact, with many praising the story of an amateur singing group who are signed by an A&R man who is charmed by their sound.

Now out on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally as of today, the feature is hopefully going to reach even more. When A&R man Danny (Daniel Mays) is challenged by his boss Troy (Noel Clarke) to sign the male singing group called Fisherman’s Friends, he decides to prove him wrong. Charmed by what the men can do, and with a local hotelier, he discovers that the singers are able to do a lot more than he first thought. Something that makes the wind-up that is Troy’s idea so much more enjoyable when he starts to prove him wrong.

With an unlikely cast making up this great feel-good British feature, Mays and Clarke are just the starting point in what makes a sweet story come to life. Hinting at the gritty nature that many British films have and mixing in a touch of hits such as Sunshine on Leith and Billy Elliot, Fisherman’s Friends will make all those who watch it feel warm inside with the gentle nature of the film. A perfect feature in many ways to watch on a sunny afternoon.

There is however a quality to the story that does make it a bit hard to stomach. The tone is lost with the idea that the only reason that this happened is because of a challenge. One I am sure really did happen but plays on screen like a child’s pantomime villain storyline. Not one that an older audience will appreciate watching, as it is easy to guess where the story is going from the start because of it.

When it comes to Fisherman’s Friends, there is an overriding sense of joy and fun to be had with it. Yet, with the added ease of guessing the plot and the sense that some of it is too oversold, it fails to hit every spot. Singalong but don’t be worried if it doesn’t hit every spot lovelies. It is a simple feel-good hit that will bring a little added warmth to your day.

3 Stars

Joey X

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