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Good Morning Lovelies, 

After a long wait, Ashley Jensen is back as the amateur investigator Agatha Raisin. Fresh from Sky One, the second season, which is out on DVD and digitally as of today, follows the famous figure, as she tries to solve the strange murders in her little Cotswolds village. All of which bringing something strange and delightful to each episode.

Made up of six episodes, the new set of episodes, based on M.C. Beaton’s novels, capture Agatha as she settles into what she thinks is an early retirement. However, when more murders occur, she is drawn back into her old life, filled with many interesting figures including her ex-assistant Roy (Matthew Horne). All of which whilst also trying to solve where her fiancé James has gone after he went missing during their trip to Cyprus.

Unlike the serious nature of other detective shows, the world of Agatha Raisin is more laid back. It is a show to draw in comedy viewers to the world of crime and thrills. And with Jensen and her co-stars being so dynamic at doing this, there is no denying that it all works. Each episode rolls like the pages of the book. Each moment is fun to watch. It is simply a seriously special set of characters and clues that have been scripted to perfection.

Having had to wait so long for the new series, there is no doubt that if a third is to be made it needs to come sooner. Jensen is a quiet but perfect comedy star and her leading role in this series is her best role yet.

Having had a fantastic start to 2019 in Ricky Gervais’ After Life, she is having an even greater one with her turn in Agatha Raisin. If anything, she is the reason to watch this adaptation. Bring some summer fun to your thrill-seeking detective love with this series.

4 Stars

Joey X

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