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Good Morning Lovelies,

Way back in the late 90s, early 00s, the world was alight with Jennifer Lopez romantic comedies. Many of which, we all love and praise still to this day. So, when Second Act marked her return to the genre, but with a breath of fresh air, there was a level of excitement to it.

With so many features trying to revise or refresh the genre, Second Act (Out today on DVD and digitally), turns back time to give us a classic feel on a predictable story that has a heart of gold within it. Not many films touch upon what we came to love, as audiences seek something different, yet Jenny from the block’s new feature is a classic that works for our Netflix generation.

Lopez plays Maya, a megastore assistant manager, who is let down by her peers, when it comes to a big promotion at the shop, due to her lack of education. Unable to see her so down, her godson takes her online profile and edits it, landing her a role at a big make up company in the city. During her time at the company, she is faced with having to solve the dilemma of making a completely organic skincare range.

Working against the CEOs daughter Zoe (Vanessa Hudgens), the pair appear to have a rivalry, to begin with, yet the film changes the outdated theme to give a 2019 story with a huge twist amongst it that sees them closer than ever.

The film is predictable a lot of the time, but in many ways, that is what makes it watchable. It feels like an old school feature that will wrap you up in a warm-up on a Sunday afternoon. You can guess most of the plot before it even begins and much of the script lacks substance, but it doesn’t make you want to turn it off.

Each member of the cast, especially the supporting members, feels valued and click together in a way that many features like this fail to do. Comedy is high on the list for them and they bring it. Whilst Milo Ventimiglia brings a small slice of supportive partner (due to lack of screen time, not because he is rude) well.

Taking a genre and a story we have sort of seen many times before and giving it a modern spin, Second Act does what it says. It gives an area of the industry we know all too well and gets it ready for its second act on screen. Sure, there are things wrong with it, but sometimes you just need a feature like this to remind you of the classic 90s cinema we all loved.

3 Stars

Joey X

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