Warren Series One Review


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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Starring a British comedy hero, Warren, the latest series from the BBC featuring Martin Clunes, follows a driving instructor who believes the world is against him. Taking on the troubling world of his learners and suffering from a mid-life crisis, Clunes’ Warren is a lovable figure.

When his partner Anne’s (Lisa Millett) dad falls ill, Warren moves alongside her to Preston, where he must learn to navigate the roads again. Unable to get on with many, including the two stepsons he never wanted, Warren faces the daily struggles of tolerating those he works with. All of which leads him into some very sticky situations.

It is uncertain whether this series will be returning, but it is a true British comedy. Full of what we all know and love, it is reminiscent of the modern hits that the BBC has long made and features a true comical legend. After many years of serious acting, Clunes is back at the BBC with a new look and a new sense of comedy power that really makes this show stand out.

Much like a needed hug, the series is fun and a delight to watch, earning it this…

4 Stars

Joey X 

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