Six Pieces from The Stranger Things X H&M Collection I Love


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Hey Lovelies,

I have a confession. Well, not really a confession, more of an obsession. If you have been reading this blog for a while then you will know that I adore H&M. To me, it is the top of the high street. The fashion leader. Much of my wardrobe and the joke I have with friends about where my clothes have come from.

A few weeks ago, the franchise announced plans to launch a new Stranger Things collection. I tried to avoid the adverts. I tried to not look online. But then like that Lee Evans sketch, I was pulled into my local shop by an unknown force yesterday and took it in.

Based on the upcoming series and summer, the whole collection is set around a lifeguard theme. Nothing like Baywatch might I add. Shorts, cropped tops and even sliders featuring the Netflix show make it up and I want it all. Below are just some of the pieces that I just can’t stop thinking about:

Stranger Things Pool Shoes/Sliders: I am someone who only really wears sliders around the house, as I have a bit of an issue with feet. With the new series meaning I am going to be spending time in my house watching it, I think it is only fair that these join in.

Hawkins Boxy Printed T-shirt: I will be honest and say I probably won’t buy this, but I do really like it. I am not a huge fan of cropped tops, however, the reason I adore this one is the cool print on the top. Anyone else thinking of the arcade scenes?

Hawkins Pool Side-striped Sweatshirt Shorts: I want these more than I want anything else out of the collection. I simply love them and when I saw them in the shop yesterday, I could already picture them joining my binge-watching weekend outfits.

Hawkins Pool Swimsuit: I don’t remember the last time I went swimming. Yet this swimsuit is making me want to book a holiday and head out into the sunshine for a dip.

Stranger Things Demogorgon T-Shirt: At first glance, I thought this top was covered in flowers, but when I got up close with it and saw the real design, it totally won me over.

Hawkins Pool Vest Top: I wish that they had this in the woman’s section, although I would still wear it. Perfect with the shorts or over a swimming costume, lifeguard fashion is finally cool and complete.

I am hiding my debit card as we speak (secretly clicking buy) because I feel like I am fangirling too much. However, those sliders and shorts are too good. And I mean they would be super comfy to watch the new series in too! Who’s with me?

Joey X

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