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Hey Lovelies, 

Can you believe that we are in the month of May? Before we know it, Christmas will be here again! Something I will admit and know it is bad to that I am a little excited about! Yet, we are here to talk about the month of April.

With it coming and going in a blink of an eye, the month saw Easter feasts, treats and Avengers galore. Just a few of the things that made up my April monthly favourites:

Film: Avengers: Endgame There was never going to be any competition when it came to the film that I enjoyed the most in April. I took myself to the cinema in the middle of the afternoon and sat for three hours fully immersed in what has to be one of, if not the, best superhero films of all time. I am not going to say much on it, as I don’t want to spoil anything, but you have to watch it lovelies! You have to!

TV Show: Jersey Shore: Family Reunion Recently I have been binging on reality TV shows and Jersey Shore has been my choice. After watching all six of the classic seasons, I moved on to the Family Reunion ones and they are just as good. I am definitely a meatball aha!

Book: Sweet by Goh Helen and Yotam Ottolenghi Even though I struggled with my condition, I do still love to bake for friends and family. Pop over to my Instagram and you will see a whole host of different bakes and cakes I have been experimenting with recently. For me, I think it is the science behind making the food and the outcome of it that I enjoy. I found this book at a car boot sale, after wanting it for so long, and made the Anzac biscuits from it. My mum said they were incredible, and I have never been more flattered aha!

Easter Gift: Mary Poppins Returns I’m not the biggest Easter egg lover lovelies, so each year my mum gets us a family film to enjoy instead. Snuggled up on Easter Sunday with this Disney treat was a true joy. If you haven’t seen it yet lovelies, you really must as Emily Blunt is brilliant!

Fashion and Beauty: The Big Bang Socks from Primark When I go to my weekly eating disorder appointments, sometimes I have to get weighed and I hate it. I really don’t like scales or numbers and find it stressful. Yet, I know it must happen and why it must happen. Before my appointments, I like to go to Primark or other places with funky socks and find some fun ones to wear, which I can look at when I step on the machine. The little things make a big difference and these Big Bang Theory ones made my day when I found them.

Life Moment: New Job – At the end of March, I started a new job that I had waited a long time to start. However, due to my eating disorder and mental health, I ended up relapsing and I decided to leave the company under medical advice and personal guidance. Speaking with my doctor, we decided maybe I should work part-time and in with the space of a week, I found a new role, two days a week doing something I enjoy. It is nice to finally be able to work somewhere that understands what I am going through and accepts me for what is happening.

What were your favourite things about the month of April lovelies? 

Joey X

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