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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Gavin and Stacey to me will always be one of the best sitcoms around. I adore everyone in it. I can pinpoint someone to match a member of my family and I believe that Pam is one of the greatest characters of all time. So, when it was announced this morning that it would be returning after nine years for a Christmas special this December, I couldn’t help but do a very excited jump for joy. Literally.

I have missed them more than I have missed members of my own family. I want to know so much. I want to see how they have grown. Mostly, I want them to answer the questions that have been on my mind since the show ended.

There are many in fact that I hope they address. Most that could lead to a whole series being built (praise be), but here are just a few of what I want to know during the 2019 special:

Did Nessa and Dave really not have a bathroom in their caravan? – I grew up on caravan holidays. We even had one of our own and whilst it wasn’t the fanciest, it had a shower area. So, I want to know how did Nessa and Dave’s not have one? Re-watch the episodes they feature it in, and I am certain they wouldn’t have had to do that walk to the bathroom every day. A weird question I know, but it has always stuck out to me.

What will have become of Doris? – Sadly, the legendary actress who played Doris passed away not long after the show ended. I am interested in seeing how this is going to be explored in the special, because whilst she wasn’t in it much, she left her mark.

Will we ever know what happened on the fishing trip? – With so much left unsaid, this was one question that was left opened and we need to know what the truth really is. Come on Bryn, just tell us!

What will they be like as parents and grandparents? – We might have seen Nessa and Smithy as parents, but we haven’t seen Gavin and Stacey. Will they have only had the one? Was it twins? Have they got a whole football team? Did Nessa and Smithy have any more? Are they even together? I honestly feel like I need a lie-down and all the answers to these questions ASAP.

Finally, who will be hosting the big Christmas day meal? And will Pam still be eating meat? In 2007, vegetarianism and veganism weren’t as big as they are now. Will Pam have reverted to being a vegetarian again? Will more of the characters be joining her? It will surely make for an interesting topic when it comes to who is hosting the event. We have had an Essex Christmas day, but will we now be getting a Welsh one? I need answers!

What do you hope the new Christmas special answers lovelies? Let me know! 

Joey X

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