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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Tonight, we are forgetting all about Brexit! We are forgetting all about what we think may be mad and crazy! Because for one night only (or always if you want to aha!), we are embracing the world of Eurovision 2019!

Eurovision was something I came to late in life. When I was in school a friend of mine invited me to a Eurovision party and my love for it came from there. I love the weird outfits. I love how we always come home with nearly NIL POINTS and I love how into it we all become.

From 8pm tonight, I will be watching along with the world, as BBC One airs the grand finale, with the fabulous Graham Norton hosting again to see what Europe and Australia have in store for us. Yet, before all of this, we must ensure that we have the perfect party ready. Below is the ultimate checklist to help you get all you will need to be sorted in time:

Good Food and Drinks: No Eurovision party is complete without the addition of some great snacks and drinks for the party to enjoy. In the UK right now, the weather isn’t looking too good for a BBQ, however, why not bring it indoors? Head to your local supermarket or check your freezers/fridges lovelies and put together the perfect Eurovision spread. To make it even more fun, ask people to bring a dish from the country they have picked in a sweepstake or give them a place to bring.

Decorate and Rate: Any Eurovision event, whether it is a full-on party or a simple screening, calls for flags and decorations. Print out some flags and hang them up on a bit of string to make your own cheap bunting or get guests to come up with the perfect decorations in full support of who they have chosen in the sweepstake or want to win. Also, ensure you have party poppers and some confetti to spread out when the winner is announced. To help, the BBC have also got some great party packs for free.

Schedule Your TV Ready: Before 8pm even reaches us, make sure to schedule and get your TV ready. Yes, the football may be on just before it, but Eurovision comes first tonight lovelies! Who else is with me?!?

Get to Know Who is Who: If you have already done the sweepstake or are not sure who to watch out for and who to miss (we will need loo breaks), take a few moments to learn about this year’s contestants. Iceland is one you should Google right now lovelies.

Buy a Sweepstake Prize: Don’t forget to buy a sweepstake prize if you have agreed to get one. Have some fun and head to our local supermarket or look online and get cooking and create a European hamper to ensure lots of fun. Or use the money put into the sweepstake as a prize instead.

Who will you be looking out for? And who do you want to win? Whatever you are doing or whoever you are supporting lovelies, I can ensure no one will be giving you nil points for your Eurovision party this year!

Joey X

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