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Good Morning Lovelies,

Forget everything you thought you knew about the world of Transformers because Bumblebee is here to change it all. Unlike the previous five from director Michael Bay, this retro-filled feature from director Travis Knight shows us what the world of the cars/robots should be like.

Set 20 years before the events of the first film from Bay, Dylan O’Brien’s voiced Bumblebee lands on Earth and ends up without a voice and in a junkyard. Until local teenager, Charlie, played by Hailee Steinfield, hauls him away and tries to help him adapt to the 80s way of life. All whilst the pair try to stop the Decepticon’s from taking over the planet.

Nothing, only the infamous car, feels the same in this version of Transformer events. Knight’s vision is new, exciting and promising for a franchise that has taken a true dip after the first feature. With the mixture of the 80s setting, music and nostalgia-ridden story, the plot comes to life in a way that will have those who watched the original animation remembering what the bots used to be like. Appreciating it the entire time too.

O’Brien’s classic voice is one people will always remember too, yet it is the new star of the film, Steinfield who people will be reflecting on more. Truly taking on board the innocence of the character and the world she now faces, there is a fresh and fun outlook that brings a sense of youth to all watching. Even the youngest of faces.

She manages to make the features fun again, whilst also ensuring that we don’t lose the drama that the bots are known for facing. Drama that doesn’t slack off but is more mature and watchable than the all-out numbers seen before.

Although not everything has changed, with the addition of Steinfield and a new director leading the way, the Transformers franchise has, well, transformed itself into a more promising one. One that we can all finally get on board with. Ready, set, go with this…

4 Stars

Joey X

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