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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Larry Lamb is a bit of a legend in the UK. Whether it be for his villainous role in EastEnders to the lovable Mick (my favourite!) in Gavin and Stacey. Or even in fact his jungle antics. He is someone who can draw an audience in. Which is why his new show Pitching In has been such a success for many daytime viewers.

Featuring Hayley Mills and Caroline sheen, the series takes viewers on a trip to Daffodil Dunes Holiday Park in Wales. And no, it isn’t the one Nessa lived in with Dave. Right in the heart of the community, Lamb plays Frank, the owner of the park who is greeted by his daughter's unexpected reappearance on his 71st birthday. Unsure of the future, Frank begins to wonder if it is time to sell up and when an offer comes in from Mills estate agent, the temptation soon sets in further.

With Easter on the horizon, the series is the perfect family series to enjoy. The caravan park scenes will have you reminiscing with the family about all the good old trips to the seaside you took. Yet, it doesn’t spell a true love affair. While it reunites old cast mates, the show also takes a very cheesy and predictable turn at times. However, this isn’t to say that the show is unwatchable. In fact, the show gives a fresh take and will make audiences interested in the TV dramas that Wales is creating. Some of which are unmissable.

Fun for the whole family, whilst making you want to book a classic caravan break with the whole load of them. Pitching In is fun TV that you can easily lose a Spring afternoon with. There so, I am giving it…

3 Stars

Joey X 

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