The Queer Eye Gang is Back In A Very Emotional Season 3 Trailer


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

What a day it has been! I got up early, worked out, thought I was bossing this Monday, as I was ready and prepared to head to a meeting about my new job and then my dad’s car broke down. And so, I was left in a panic, unsure of what to do and wondering all about my job. However, someone was looking over me and I was able to get it all sorted and bake some cakes for my family in the process.

Life is just simply mad at times and there is nothing we can do about it. Yet, we can always look to others for help and this new trailer for the upcoming third season of Queer Eye, due out on Netflix on the 15th March, proves it:

Who else is ready to have this gorgeous gang back in their lives?

Joey X 

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