Spend This Friday Smiling With The New Long Shot Trailer and More


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

A very happy Friday to you all! Today I want to spread some joy because waking up to horrific news like we have makes me so sad. The world can be horrible, but in these times, it is also when we see love and lots of it. We must look after one another and show each other that we care and that we are there for one another. My heart and thoughts are with those affected and I want you all to remember that I love you.

To help bring a smile to your faces, I have gathered a few funny clips from around the film world to share with you all. After gathering rave reviews, the first trailer I have for you today is for Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan’s new film, Long Shot:

As well, I also have some very funny clips from What Men Want:

Love You All!
Joey X 

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