My Review on March Releases From Arrow Films


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Good Morning Lovelies, 

A new month has dawned and with it comes a whole host of new releases from Arrow Films. Known for their crazy mix of classic cult hits, this month comes with a side order of banned features that have never been seen before.

Read my reviews below of some of the best March releases from the cult heroes:

The Prisoner: Originally banned from showing at Cannes and Venice Film Festivals, due to many stating it was anti-communist and pro-soviet, this feature is now making its way onto the cult circuit. Complex and hard-hitting to watch, the film follows Alec Guinness in one of his most testing performances of all time. He gives a performance of a lifetime, as he portrays a Cardinal, who is arrested for treason. Vowing to never break what he knows, he finds himself being mentally tortured by those who have imprisoned him, as they try to destroy his mental state. Not one to watch repeatedly, the film shows Guinness’ wide scope of skills as an actor.

3 Stars

Joey X 

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