Five Secret Things You Can Do With The Nintendo Switch


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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Have you got a Nintendo Switch? Or looking to get one lovelies? As we head into Nintendo week on the blog, I thought I would help you all with your new devices or in your decision to get one with the top five things that you may not know that you can do with the console.

For example, did you know it can turn on your TV? I didn’t until doing this post aha! There is so much that it can do whether you are using it on your own or as a household. Some of which, might just change everything you thought you knew about it…

It Can Turn on Your TV: By pressing the Home button on your Joy-Con or Pro controller, the device will turn on your TV wirelessly for optimal playing. However, it is easy to turn this feature off as well if it isn’t for you. Simply turn it off by going to settings, then TV Settings and then turning off the match TV power state option.

Discover How Long You Have Been Playing: When a game is good, you can get lost in it for hours. Or what seems to be hours. Nintendo’s new device will allow you to check how long you have been playing for. By going to your Mii picture in the corner of the home screen, your profile will feature a rough amount of time of how long you have been playing. You can also compare it with friends that you have added.

Charge It with A Power Bank: Unlike lots of other consoles, the Switch will allow you to use a portable charger to ensure that you are never without the gaming ability. The device is designed to last three to five hours, but if you are going to be on the road longer, then this is a fast way to endless fun.

The Device Can Help You Find A Lost Controller: With little ones using the device or even if you forget to put it back right, it is easy to lose a Joy-Con controller sometimes. Luckily, the Switch will help you find it. By clicking on the grey controller button on the home screen, you will discover an option called Find Controllers. When clicking on it, the lost controller will vibrate meaning you will be able to hear it as you look for it. No more spending lots of money on a new one. 

You Can Play Classic Games on The Console: Some of the games that were first featured on the NES or the Nintendo 64 are now available to download on the eShop. Discover the classics you use to love again via the website and play for hours without your mum telling you to get off it.

Do you know any secrets about the Nintendo Switch? Let me know! 

Joey X 

(#AD: I was not paid for this week's content or for the links within it, but I was gifted items to try lovelies)

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