Ben & Jerry's Moophoria Ice Creams: The Newest Film Watching Favourite!


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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

In our house, there is often a night where someone can be found in our living room with either a bowl or a tub of ice cream. Either my mum, brother, dad or niece and nephew will happily tuck into the creamy delights. However, there are some tubs that are so special that they only come out when others are not around. The Ben & Jerry’s that sit on there own at the top of the freezer. In a drawer that I am surprised hasn’t been sealed shut with a lock and key by my mum!

Having worked with the amazing team for years, my whole life has been surrounded by memories of the company and what they believe in. They have been with me when I started school, on sleepovers, when I needed something to tuck in to with a good old-fashioned film and when I just had to have a sweet treat. And the same goes with my mum, who often tucks in when she needs a little pick me up. There is a solid reason why these two men are the only ones you really need.

With an endless choice of perfect flavours, the pair are really going all out with their new perfect blend of a healthier tub. Well, a few healthier tubs and so, I set my mum the challenge of testing a few to help those of you like me who loved to enjoy them with a film or box set.

With less calories than a regular tub, the Moophoria range features tubs with only 124 to 132 calories per 100ml in them. But they don’t miss out any of the best bits. As I learnt when trying to take the picture for the Chocolate Cookie Dough below, as my spoon wouldn’t go in because of the chunks.

This is where I must admit that I mucked up in the supermarket. I had hoped to pick up the two new flavours, Chocolate Cookies & Cream and Salted Caramel Brownie, but forgot which ones were new and picked up the ones that had been out a while. Chocolate Cookie Dough and Caramel Cookie Fix. However, in our house, they are all worshipped.

After leaving them a few days to get probably frozen, I used our quiet Saturday afternoon to get my mum to trial them, whilst enjoying her usual TV binge. Starting with the Caramel Cookie Fix, I found that as soon as I took a spoonful out, the gooey salted caramel that is swirled around the tub stretched out onto the spoon in that perfect caramel way. Huge chunks of shortbread were also standing out and the smell was one that I would like wrapped up in a Yankee Candle please, sir and thank you.

Handing it over to my mum, she instantly recognised the classic Ben & Jerry’s vanilla taste, which she said went perfectly with shortbread. In fact, she later told me that she could easily redo that with her Ben & Jerry’s vanilla tub and the leftover shortbread from Christmas (I will let you know if this happens). The stand out point for her though was the salted caramel swirl, which really was mixed well in the tub. Together, she said it was a lighter treat that could be enjoyed by all on any day of the week or even with another pudding, such as jelly or a light cake.

Moving on, I opened the Chocolate Cookie Dough tub to find the picture of chocolate ice cream goodness. Without even dipping the spoon in, I could see the big chunks of chocolate chip cookies mixed into the cream and I knew that my mum was going to love this. Chocolate ice cream is her favourite and so after much digging through the chunks, I handed over the spoon.

 I am not lying when I say that as soon as she took the spoonful into her mouth, she moaned loudly. Without missing out on any of the rich flavours, she said that it was one that she could very much make one of her favourites in the future. There was no way she was going to share it either.

With both going down well, I am happy to report back from my mum that these lighter bites taste just as good as the regular tubs. They will be sure to be making future appearances in our home and my mum is already looking forward to buying the other flavours to try as well. I am very lucky to have been gifted these and I am always so thankful that these treats bring my family so much joy. I am currently struggling with food but knowing that there are tubs like this out there, which I may not find so scary in the future really helps. For now, though, my mum's ice cream loving tendencies are giving these a five-star rating on every level.

To find out more about the range head to the Ben & Jerry’s dedicated page or look out for them in your local supermarket lovelies. They are available all over the world and you honestly need to try them according to my mother aha!

Joey X 

(#AD: Some of the products in this post were gifted to me but I received no money for the review and all thoughts are my own.) 

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