The Intent 2 DVD Review


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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Back in 2016, a London based film called The Intent was released. Reflecting the themes that Noel Clarke’s Hood trilogy had built, the film showed the violent lives of some of those on London’s streets. Two years on, the characters are back in The Intent 2: The Come Up, which sees the crew head to Jamaica in what feels like a more vivid story. Yet, it fails to produce a more meaning feel.

Following on from the first film, the prequel/sequel shadows would-be crime kingpin Jay (Justin "Ghetts" Clarke-Samuel) as he sets out to establish his own crew in London's underground criminal world. Unlike the previous outing, the characters fail to attract a destination to stop at and for audiences to enjoy.

All the tension and the suspense that the first film built doesn’t appear in this feature. It often seems that the story is trying to hard to be gritty and hard-hitting. By taking things back to basics, this film would have had more of a voice. 

However, with some of the biggest names in urban music taking to the screen, the film's heart lies in the sounds that come with it. Fans of Ghetts, Krept & Konan, Fekky and Popcaan will be delighted to find their music flowing throughout the feature. Each beat has a place and each scene has a song. It is the reason to watch The Intent 2 in fact.

Whilst it doesn’t match up to its previous feature, The Intent 2 does have some intent, but it doesn’t flow out well. There so, I am giving it…

2 Stars

Joey X 

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