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Good Morning Lovelies, 

For years, Gerard Butler was known as the man to turn to if you were making a rom-com.  Now he is choosing a new path to be known for in, Hunter Killer, alongside Gary Oldman. Taking on the role of Commander Joe Glass, Butler’s on-screen hero must fight to save his Hunter Killer class submarine from the threat of World War III.

Unlike his roles in the action-packed, Olympus and London Has Fallen franchise, this rescue mission sees Butler’s Glass attempting to rescue the Russian president to try and stop World War III from happening. However, very much like his previous features, the film follows a similar fight and shoot message to try and achieve this.

Directed by Donovan Marsh, the thriller has everything you would be expecting. High-class chases, villains and a special forces team, who are surprisingly at the top of their game (especially Toby Stephens who excels in this role). However, the clichés that you would expect are also there too. Often flowing too close to the danger line to ever be fully safe in the water.

With a strong script, it is unfortunate to witness, as the film is a sharper feature than you would expect it to be. The actors, especially Butler, are presenting a story that they seem fully passionate about and could be the relaunch or launch of lots of careers. It is a shame to see a small element make an impact.

The team won’t have to do much hunting though for a strong rating, as I am giving the film…

3 Stars

Joey X 

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