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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Before I go to Disneyland Paris, I always keeping an eye on what fancies I want to bring home with me or at least look at whilst I am there. All of which normally leads to me spending the day before I am due to go debating whether I needed to take an extra suitcase or not!

With my last trip having been in December, Christmas shopping was on the top of my list. However, it all went out the window when I got to the World of Disney shop and ended up spending a bit too much money on Christmas and everyday items. Here are a select few that I picked up and some that you just have to buy:

Disneyland Paris Christmas Mug: Every year in our house we all buy each other a Christmas mug. Last year, my mum got me a Groot one, whilst I got her a big chunky Coca Cola Christmas themed one. In December, we were sipping from these Christmas treats. I could have easily come home with a whole host of other mugs but limited myself. Until next time!

Disneyland Paris Mouse Ears: If you go to any Disney Park in the world, the one thing you must buy is some Mouse ears. I have the classic black and red Minnie Mouse bow pair at home. Due to it being December, I went all out and brought a festive Christmas tree inspired pair, whilst my mum went for a Bambi pair with a Christmas tree.  When you go to a park, you instantly earn your Mouse ears!

Disneyland Paris Sweet Filled Bauble: This was the first of two treats that we got for our tree last year! Filled with sweet chocolate coin treats, they were a taste of Disney back home. I also brought home a tiny tin with sweets in, which my dad enjoyed all of, in about an hour.

Disneyland Paris Christmas Bauble: Seeing as it is the first time I have been at Christmas, I really wanted to get a bauble to go on the tree, to remind me of our festive trip. This one is simple but has a touch of magic to it. Plus, there is a whole host of others to go along with it.

Disneyland Paris Festive Biscuit Tin: When you mention anything to do with biscuits to my mum, you know that if it can, it will be coming home with us. When she spotted the festive tin, featuring all the main characters, it was like Christmas had come early. Surprisingly, she still has some left biscuits left in it from the festive season, as the tin is full of little packs of plain and chocolate treats.

Disneyland Paris Magnet: I love a good magnet! Some people see them as tacky but to me, that is the beauty of them. Why would you not want a reminder of one of the happiest places on Earth on your fridge? We picked one up for my nephew for his ever-growing fridge collection.

Disneyland Paris Spirit Jersey: Since Disneyland Paris announced that they would be bringing out their own spirit jersey, I have wanted one. After a very tough year, this was a present to me from me. When I went to Disneyland Paris, they didn’t have any in-store (they should be back now!), but I managed to pick one up online in black when I got back.

What are some of the best Disney items you have purchased lovelies?

Joey X

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