Disneyland Paris Week: The Rides You Have To Do


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Disneyland Paris is full of rides that I and many others will never forget! From Star Wars rocket ship rollercoasters to flying elephants, there is something for everyone. Upon my return from experiencing them again, I thought long and hard about the ones that simply cannot be missed. 

From 360 loops, spinning machines and towers full of terror here are some of the few that you have to experience at least once:

Tower of Terror: Since I was little and my Auntie Caroline brought me back a popcorn cup with the Tower of Terror on it, I have wanted to experience this ride. Upon entering the Walt Disney Studios park, all you can hear are screams from it. I’ve done it twice now and it is absolutely my favourite ride! Playing a small classic clip from the show before you enter the elevator, it is the little details that make this ride so special. As well as the sheer drops and screams of delight once the ride really takes off.

I'm in the black leather jacket smiling away, whilst my friend Tessa was screaming to get off!

Big Thunder Mountain: When you look at this ride you do wonder what the fuss is about. However, when you get on it, you completely understand. I’ve done it three times now, including in the dark with my mum who screamed the whole time and I adore it.  I would say the whole family can enjoy this whatever the weather lovelies.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: It took me two days to get on this ride. After seeing large queues, a zooming coaster from the outside and hearing my friend’s description, I had all but decided it wasn’t for me. Yet, when a quiet afternoon meant a 20-minute queue, we decided to jump on and although I nearly had a heart attack, I LOVED it. So much so that I ran around and went on it a second time, coming home a massive Star Wars fan.

Phantom Manor: Ever since my brother scared the living daylights out of me on one, I have never ever liked haunted houses. However, when you are at Disney, you really can’t miss the beauty that is the Phantom Manor. Terrifying as it was for me, I am really upset that it was closed when I went at Christmas, but that means we can all expect something epic when it reopens.

Rock n Rollercoaster: Hidden away at the back of the studio's park, this is a musical gem! As someone who isn’t a massive rollercoaster fan, this properly prepped me for the rest of the trip. Straight away the legendary music of Aerosmith gets you pumping, and you need it. Especially when the first thing you are greeted with is a 360 loop!

There are so many rides that could have been on this list lovelies and narrowing them down was hard. As well, there were a few big rides I missed when there last. Luckily, I was able to get on Crush’s Coaster this time around and it was not what I was expecting at all aha! When they say lots of spins, they truly mean it!

What is your favourite Disney ride lovelies? 

Joey X

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