Disneyland Paris Week: Hidden Secrets from Around the Parks


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Today is the final day of Disneyland Paris week on the blog lovelies. However, I have left the best until last. Before I go anywhere, I always like to see if there are any hidden spots around that you will only find in that place.

Having gathered tips and tricks throughout my trips, I have discovered some hidden features around Disneyland Paris that I wanted to share with you to enhance your trips. It is time to get searching for these:

The Disneyland Paris Castle’s Dragon: No other park in the world has the Dragon from Sleeping Beauty within it. Hidden in the bottom half of Sleeping Beauty’s castle too, the dragon moves around, breaths out smoke and peers around with its glowing green eyes. Just try not to wake it up.

Main Street Illusions: Not only is Main Street in Disneyland Paris one big illusion - the castle seems further away than it is - the shops surrounding it have little gems too. Windows above the shops have signs on them that interact. Noises can be heard from many, including someone having a piano lesson, a dentist’s operation going wrong and a person having a shower that is a little too hot for them. Some of the signs on the building also let out steam, such as the coffee poster. Look up and listen out when walking about.

The Hidden Exhibit in the Main Street Market: If you decide to skip walking through the Main Street market area on the way in or out, then you may miss the chance to see a secret exhibit highlighting how America got the Statue of Liberty. It’s small but interesting to see. Take a peek inside when it is raining.

The Handprints in Disney Village: Since the parks and village first opened, many familiar faces have been and left their print on it. In the Disney Village, there is a white wall with handprints from stars including James Stewart, Jack Nicholson and many more. It is next to Planet Hollywood, so make sure to look next time you go past it.

A Tiny Taste of Up: When you visit Adventureland, take a look and try to find Mr Frederickson and Russell from Up sitting by a river. They are quite close to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, so help them out before Jack gets to them!

I am sure there are loads more lovelies, but I wanted to give you just a little glimpse, which you can all discover and enjoy. Disneyland Paris is full of magic just waiting to be found! Do you know any little secrets of Disneyland Paris? Let me know if you do!

Joey X

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