Disneyland Paris Week: The Best Places to Use for the Ultimate Disney Break


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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

With Disneyland Paris week in full swing on the blog, today’s post is all about getting there and places to visit to prepare you for your big trip. Having been twice, during two very different times of the year, I hope that I can help you prepare for a summer or winter break, the best I can!

Below I have popped down the best places I have stayed, booked through and ultimately had the best Disneyland Paris holidays because of. Many of which are affordable, friendly and excellent at being near everything you may need during your break. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime…

How to Find Your Perfect Holiday

Magicbreaks: If you want a holiday with loads of added extras, super friendly staff members and the best experiences, then Magicbreaks, which is part of the Thomas Cook family, is the place for you. Daily I get emails with some amazing deals that include free food, goodie bags, affordable tickets and guidance on what is on at the parks at that time of year. You can also book travel through the site at an affordable rate as well. I contacted the team before booking my December break on Twitter and they were so good at trying to find me the best deal for my money.

Last Minute: The second time I went to Disneyland Paris, I used Last Minute to book the hotel mentioned below. Super easy to do and super cheap compared to some of the other places around. I wasn’t charged anymore when I got there – apart from City Tax of £13 - and checking in was a breeze thanks to the helpful booking service online from Last Minute.

Wowcher: Having followed Wowcher since it first began, I have witnessed some very affordable deals on trips to Disneyland. Often including travel, park tickets and places to stay, the only thing you will need to think about is food and drinks from what it seems. The website also offers great choices to head into Paris with the team, if you wish to escape from the parks for a day.

Disneyland Paris Website: If you wish to stay in one of the Disneyland Paris hotels, get your tickets or to find out everything about the parks, then you need to visit the Disneyland Paris website. I always get my tickets for the parks through the official website, which I then pick up when I get to the two areas. The team at Disneyland are always super helpful and on hand to make your stay easy, which is reflected in the online chat service on their website.

Hotel to Book

Hipark by Adagio Serris-Val d'Europe: I stayed here when I went in December with my mum and I can honestly say it was the best hotel I have experienced when coming here. The rooms were comfortable and full of space, with up to date kitchen and bathroom facilities. Staff members are super friendly and helpful in guiding you to the parks, which is about 10 minutes away by foot. However, the hotel provides free shuttles to and from them throughout the day. There is also a supermarket and shopping centre about 5 minutes down the road, which have restaurants in them too.

The Best Way to Travel

Eurostar: I have been by plane to Disneyland Paris and I don’t know if I would do it again after experiencing the Eurostar. With one change between London and the parks, the train is super comfy, full of room and you can take as much luggage as you can carry. Great if you were like us and had a few extra items after hitting up World of Disney. On the way back I fell asleep I was so comfy. Although it did mean I nearly missed my stop aha!

Where to Book Park Tickets

Magicbreaks or Disneyland Paris Website: Around the internet, there are lots of places that offer great prices on tickets. However, I would stick with these two, as they are both official places. You can buy tickets when there, but if it is busy you may be waiting around a while. The official website also allows you to see what rides will be open or closed that day/week and has tickets available for special events throughout the year, including the annual Halloween and Christmas parties.

With these two sources, everything can be sorted before you get there. I personally have used the official website for my trips, but I know Magicbreaks is very reliable. Check before you book though that your tickets aren’t already included.

These are just some of the places and websites I have used. For both my trips, I have also been to see travel agents in person, but I like to have everything available online and these places have always been super easy to sort. I know that when I book with them, me and my money is in safe hands.
Let me know in the comments below what you have done in the past or used to have the best Disneyland Paris experiences!

Joey X 

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