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When a film has a rating over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, then you know that it is going to be an instant classic. Something that no one should miss. A piece of cinematic history in the making, Blindspotting is one of those films.

Fresh from starring in Hamilton on Broadway, Daveed Diggs plays convicted felon Collin, as he works through the last remaining days of his probation. His world is changed forever though when he sees a white police officer kill an unarmed black man. The devastation Collin feels leads himself and his best friend Miles (Rafael Casal) on a journey to discover about identity, race and the place in which they have called home for so long.

Directed by newcomer Carlos López Estrada, the film plays out like the metaphor it is named after. When an eye can see either one single object or two, depending on how their minds react to the first time they see it. Upon viewing of the first section, you can see that the film is trying to be a light buddy feature.

Yet when the second half comes in, the film takes a dark turn and the characters are tested. From the colour of their skin to the way in which they take in what society has shown them, they are given a script that shows how different each of their minds works. One is the single object and the other the two paths.

Moving through intense shots and scripted passages of gold, the film grows tense right up until the end. Even when the credits are being shown. You are left wondering about the lives of those in the film. Those seated around you. The way in which the world is going and the clever arcs that the filmmakers and writers have captured all of this in one film.

While many elements of life can be turned into a moment of comedy, this films moment of comedy comes and goes in a scary way that will now make people look at things twice. Blindspotting has earned itself this very worthy rating because of just that.

5 Stars

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