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Hey Lovelies, 

Firstly, let me start by saying where did Christmas go? I swear we only just started it and now we are already in January and the decorations are being taken down. Is it bad of me to say that I already looking forward to Christmas 2019?

I wasn’t sure if anyone would like to see what I got for Christmas, so I popped a little poll up on Twitter and found that quite a few of you did. I am never certain if it looks a bit like showing off and I honestly never want it to feel that way. I enjoy looking through posts like this for inspiration on what to get others and so I hope that this post does that for you.

In our house, we are quite spoilt on the big day. Never do we get what we get on Christmas day on any other occasion in our house. When we first wake up, we normally have a food stocking on the end of our beds. Due to my condition, it has become quite hard for my mum to find me things for it, which led to her getting me socks, Marie Claire magazine, Twining’s Gingerbread green tea teabags and Sainsbury's organic dried apricots. All of which are meant to help get us through the day or the week until New Year’s Eve.

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After opening these, we had a bit of a change this year due to my little nephew Leo being here, meaning we had to check the very important plate to see if Santa had been before we could enter the living room. With a cheeky nibble of a mince pie and some crunches out of a carrot, Santa had well and truly been in our house.

This year I decided that in 2019, as a sort of resolution, I wanted to read more. I felt like with everything that happened in 2018, I didn’t get the chance to read as much as I normally do, and it left me a little upset. I didn’t really know what I wanted for Christmas and so I didn’t get any films or TV shows (I was shocked too!), but I did get these amazing books that were top of my wish list. From Christmas Day until New Year’s Eve I read Michelle Obama’s Becoming and Julie Murphy’s Dumplin’, even though I was hoping to keep them until the new year, and they have reignited my reading spark.

In my sack and my Boxing Day stocking, I was also treated to several smelly’s. One of my biggest obsessions is the Nivea In-Shower moisturiser and this is a jumbo bottle of the stuff. It will not last long lovelies! She also went on a bit of a Friends-themed present giving this year lovelies, as you will see in the following pictures and treated me to a vanilla latte (smells lush) tin candle from Primark. My mum is perfect at buying me things to last and that is why she got me two of the vanilla pumpkin hand creams from The Body Shop, as they only release them at Halloween lovelies and they are my favourite hand creams in the world. Paired with a Body Shop coconut soap, they also look after my hands year-round, as they get very dry due to my Raynaud’s.

Socks were also a key theme this year, as she brought me in total six different pairs. Sneakily she managed to find and bring home some Chip N’ Dale ones from Disneyland Paris, which I adore. She also managed to find the Primark Groovy Chick socks that come in a set of three, helping me to relive my childhood, as well as a pair of Friends themed ones from Primark too.

She also got me fancy slippers from Chelsea Peers, with the motto I now live by on them. Her other sneaky present was these Mickey Mouse PJs, which she got in Paris, as H&M in the UK had removed them from their website before I even got the chance to buy them lovelies. This was the biggest shock and I loved it. She also picked me up stripy H&M workout bottoms that are super comfy to work up a sweat in or to wear around the house.

In my Boxing Day stocking, my mum likes to pack it with the not so serious gifts that she gets us. This year though she went out out and treated me to some big things. Carrying on with the Friends gifts, she got me a super cute litre bottle from Primark, which lead to me having to explain the thing about lobsters aha!

She also brought me another sneaky Disneyland gift in the form of a Chip N’ Dale keyring that can be split in half and magnetised back together. Sort of like a friendship chain. As well, as a huge Elton John fan and after treating me to tickets to see him this year for my birthday, she got me a Funko POP figurine of the legend. Whilst, one of my brothers brought me a £20 Amazon voucher that will be opened by someone else as I hate glitter aha!

Saving the best until last, this was a big surprise and the one that has been led to the most discussion. In a small cardboard box, hidden at the bottom of my stocking, was a small being. A guardian some might say of the galaxy. One that can now be used to plant pots in my house, as my mum got me a Groot plant pot. Currently, he is sitting in my room as we can’t decide what to grow in him, but I simply adore it. I am thinking broccoli might be a good choice, but cress has also been brought up too.

I would love to hear what you lovelies think I should grow in him and what you all got for Christmas this year. Please leave links to your blogs or a comment telling me below. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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