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And how are we all today? I am sorry for the delay in posts, it has been a little bit manic around here today and so I have only now just got a moment to share this very exciting new interview with London Brown, the star of Ballers. Currently, he is on tour with his comedy show and is set to create a new book on the homeless.

Discover everything about the new series of Ballers, what he has learnt from the comedy world and his next project below...

Firstly, congratulations on season five of Ballers! How does it feel to be starting on it? 
Just to be employed as a black actor is a thing. Let's start there. I always acknowledge people who come up to me and speak to me on the streets. They all help to keep me working. I'm grateful to have that interaction. And that's why I make time to speak and take pictures with them. Going into another season suggests my rent and bills will be covered. I can breathe a little bit...

For those who don’t know what Ballers is about, please could you tell us?
Ballers is about the lifestyle of athletes during the off season ideally. The show addresses relationships, spending money the right and wrong way. Investments and the up and downs surrounding the players and those connected to them. I play the best friend of Vernon Littlefield. Vernon plays for the Dallas Cowboys and my character helps Vernon on his business ideas. They aren't always the best, but Reggie is learning how to be a lot of more proactive with his boy's investments.

What was it about Ballers that attracted you to the show?
I was attracted to the character Fat Reggie. We are total opposites. As an actor and a new face to many, I look for roles that will show my range. I was able to see the fun in playing an annoying character like Reggie. Also, it's starring Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson... Who doesn't want to work with him? Any time I can have a moment to be around, work with great people, I'm all for it. It can only make me better. And I'm all for growth.

Is there a moment that has stayed with you from the show? If so, which and why this one?
A moment that stands out to me is working with an alpaca. Black people don't really do animals like that. Dog, cat and possibly some fish. That's about it. Beyond that, we leave it to white folks. I was nervous to work with it in season 2 because I was told they spit. I was not for it. Of course, when the director yells action, there is no time for any space of ambivalence. I have to become Reggie and get the job done. More so, for me, it was moments outside of the show that stick with me, such as moving my things out of my mother's garage, or not having to crash at my friend's place. These simple ideas make me very appreciative of the shot I got because everyone, unfortunately, doesn't get them. This is why I stay very focused on my craft. I don't take it for granted by any means.

You are currently working on an international stand up tour. What have you learnt so far about the comedy world that you didn’t know before?
I realized that people are people. We can all use a good laugh. Laughter is universal. On this tour, I'm reaching all walks of life on the comedy scene. As long as I'm honest, people are able to relate to my stories. And this ultimately is what I'm trying to do. Connect us as people through laughter.

Would you ever create a comedy show for TV or online?
I've thought about a few ideas for a show. Not sure what side of me I want to develop into a show just yet.  But whatever direction I decide, it'll be something honest.

Away from acting and comedy, you are also creating a photography book for the homeless. What was it about this area that made you want to do this project?
I’ve done a lot of work with homeless people. It started out with me feeding them leftover food. When I fed them, it created an open dialogue. And through our talks, I realized that a lot of homeless people aren’t all crazy, on drugs and some of the other stereotypes they get labelled. Some just fell on hard times, divorced, lost their job or vets who weren’t able to get medical attention and ended up on the streets.  This brought me to the idea that people are people. I need not to put anyone down, nor kiss up to anyone to get what I want. So, to keep grounded I try to give more as I get more. I don’t want to ever disconnect from humility because any one of us can be in the same situation as the unfortunate ones I help.

Finally, could you tell us about what you are working on next?
Right now, I’m working on a new tv film in Atlanta. A romantic comedy. I can’t go into all the details of it yet but just know it will be a fun one that viewers will want to watch a few times over. And unlike my role on Ballers, viewers will be cheering for this character. This project has talented co-stars who hold it down on screen, visionary director and producers I’ve admired. This drops 2019.

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