Thorntons Bring The Snowman To Life With These Festive Film-Inspired Chocolate Treats


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

When I was little, Hertford (where I live) used to have a Thorntons shop. If I had been good, for a little treat or if I had had an appointment (maybe the after-dentist treat wasn’t a great idea mum), I could go in there and get my favourites – white chocolate buttons or a festive chocolate lollipop!

Sadly, however, the shop closed and since then and with being on a health kick these past few years I haven’t been able to enjoy them as I once did. I haven’t ever found something to replace them, so when I got in touch with Thorntons to see if they had any festive film inspired pieces I could feature on the blog and they presented me with these goodies, I found myself getting very excited.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without the classic story of The Snowman and this year, Thornton’s chocolate angels have made it their mission to make sure that we can enjoy it both on and off screen. With big and little options to choose from, the magic of the chocolate Snowman can start on the 1st December, with their epic milk and white chocolate themed advent calendar.

Filled to the brim with pieces, all decorated with screen icons from the film, it is bigger than the average sized advent you find in most stores. This is due to the extra treat on Christmas day of the giant white chocolate Snowdog, the lead character of the recent sequel to the classic feature. I was really surprised by the addition and I think it makes the higher retail price so worth it. If the white chocolate is what it used to be like when I was little, then those who tuck in will be delighted. And what more could you really want on Christmas morning?

If the little or big person in your family, however, is a firm fan of The Snowman, then the team have prepared for when the Snowdog might not do it. Made of white chocolate and with the addition of the Snowdog in his arms, a stocking-sized treat has been created that is perfect for all to enjoy during a classic festive film on the big day or as a sweet dessert on Christmas Eve.

Speaking of which, if you are a fan of the film Elf and have a buddy in your home, like we do (mum I am looking at you again!), then the team have also added a cheeky elf chocolate, with a cute giggling face, made of milk chocolate to their festive team. I must admit that I haven’t opened this one to try yet, as I think the special woman mentioned twice before may get to enjoy it.

The final treat in our luxury white parcel was a very adult treat. Filled with chocolates inspired from places around the world, Thornton’s have made a Continental: Taste of a Journey advent calendar. Inspiring you with treats that you can enjoy on your next trip in 2019. The Sicilian Mousse is already causing fights in our house, as it is where my dad is from, but my family all wants it aha!

Thorntons have always made sure to think about taste when it comes to their treats and I am so sad that I have had to wait so long to have it back in my life. I know I could have gone and brought them from supermarkets, but it isn’t the same as going into that sweet shop when I was little and enjoying them. Yes, I know I am 23 and sounding old but it is true aha! Thankfully now I can share them with the little ones in our house, especially my nephew Leo, who will be here on Christmas morning to enjoy the Snowdog advent treat.

To find out more about what Thornton’s have to offer this Christmas, head to their website. Chocolate film nights will never be the same again this festive season lovelies!

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Joey X 

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