Let bakerdays Deliver The Gift of Cake Through Your Letterbox This Christmas!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Scrolling through Twitter one day, I stumbled across a message from the bakery, bakerdays. As a company, they sell delicious cakes in all kinds of flavours that can be posted to your home. Printed with personal messages, images and chosen designs, the team have recently started a new letterbox cake scheme and I was kindly offered the chance to try it. With birthday, thank you and many more options to choose from including film food fancies, I decided to go with a festive feature.

This was because I wanted to see how they turned out so I could gift them to people I know.
Choosing my family’s favourite flavour for the Christmas period - a fruit cake - I then had to choose the design. I wanted something cute that my mum would go mad for, so I chose this sweet snowman image with my own wording.

After selecting the week in which I wanted it to arrive, I will admit I forgot it was coming. So, it was a very big surprise when my postman popped it through my letterbox. Picking it up, it was heavier than I expected and inside I found even more surprises.

I don’t know how in my head I thought it was going to arrive, but I was so shocked to find it in this lovely tin. A keepsake for after the cake and a brilliant way to easily store it. No more rummaging through the Tupperware cupboard. Also included was a super sweet card, which the team had handwritten a little message in for me.

The cake has to be used by the 20th November 2018. However, I found it really hard to cut into as I just loved the whole look of it. I wish I had asked for it to arrive closer to Christmas, as it would have been lovely to have had out on the table as a dessert on the big day. Or even for New Year’s Eve.
When we did finally dig in though, we were amazed by not only the delicious smell but the jam added into the fruit mixture. We all thought it was going to be a traditional cake, but the added jam made it even better and a really original idea for the company.

I’m really thankful to receive items like this I can gift to my family and I have big plans to send them to others over Christmas. I may even be making more orders for other events such as birthdays and parties. bakerdays have a lovely team too, who are willing to help every step of the way and that attracts me even more to them as a brand.

To discover more about them lovelies, please head to their website, whilst I plan a film designed cake party aha!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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