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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Growing up, we all knew the holidays were coming when my mum used to get her Farepak hampers. It would be a day of the year, where we would all spend it together helping her unload them to see what she had got. Even though we weren’t allowed to eat them until the big event aha!

After the company went bust, however, she hasn’t ever really got back into getting them and it makes me a little sad that the tradition has stopped. I know that it would have carried on for my niece and nephews to have enjoyed if she had found another one to match it.

There so, when Prestige Hampers offered me the chance to try out their Christmas Chest hamper, I jumped at it. Keeping it a secret from my mum, the parcel arrived the day after the team mentioned it and it is safe to say when she felt the weight and saw the labelling on the box it came in, she got very excited!

The Christmas Chest is currently £74.99 on their website and comes with a whole host of goodies in a real wooden box. Full up with chocolates, wines, teas, biscuits and cake, plus more, there is something for everyone to enjoy within it.

Upon opening the chest, you are greeted with four sneak peeks of some of what the hamper has to offer. The first being the Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Yorkshire Crisps that come in a fancy tub. I haven’t ever seen this flavour before and I truly think it would go down well with all the festive cheeses I know my mum will be buying.

Also, at the top of the box was a hint of the Walkers Milk, Dark and White Chocolates that have a bunch of classic flavours and cremes that the family can dive into. Great to eat with the dramatic soaps on Christmas Day or even to keep for New Year’s Eve if you are having a party!

Keeping with traditions, the box also had a box of good old-fashioned English tea and some delicious looking red velvet biscuits that have chunky white chocolate chips within them. It’s safe to say that my mum, the biscuit lover, has already claimed these.

After removing the wormy paper placed after these to reveal the bottom layer, there was also a whole host more for the family to enjoy. If the box of chocolates wasn’t enough for the dark chocolate lover in your house, there was also a separate bar by Beech’s. To me, this would be perfect to grate over those cosy hot chocolates the winter brings. There was also the statement Christmas cake in the form of a slab, which would be great with a cup of tea from the box in the hamper.

If biscuits are more your thing with a cuppa, the chest includes Walker’s festive shaped shortbread biscuits that are big enough for little hands too. And some oat cakes if you have a taste for more savoury items instead. However, you could also make them sweet with the Christmas marmalade and preserve that come with it.

The final trio of festive delights were two bottles of wine and a Christmas pudding for one. A classic Shiraz and a bottle of Chardonnay will mean that both your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners will have the perfect tipple of choice.

Or if you prefer, you could keep them for New Year’s Eve and enjoy them with guests, loved ones or even gift them to them if they are hosting. As for the pudding, this is one for the cook to enjoy, because after putting in all the hard work in the kitchen, they should definitely rest when it comes to dessert!

When I first got this chest lovelies, I wasn’t sure if it was worth the £74.99, to be honest. However, I completely changed my mind after seeing how much great quality items you get. And the box itself, which could be used for other items when the hamper is empty or recycled next year with a homemade hamper.

I loved the look, the products and the quick timing that this one arrived in and I will definitely be buying more this year and next. For more information on them lovelies, head to the Prestige Hampers website.

Who do you use to get your festive hampers from lovelies?

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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