Cadbury Do Christmas 2018 Perfectly With These Festive Delights


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Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Cadbury’s Christmas treats may have been mentioned before on the blog, but now it is time to see what the shops have to offer. Tree decorations, gift boxes and advent calendars are about to be enjoyed and I can tell you all that they will be worth every penny.

After looking at what Cadbury Gifts Direct have created, Cadbury has also got stuck into stocking up our supermarket shelves with chocolate goodness and kindly they sent me some to try.

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Stocking fillers are the big thing this year it seems, as the company has brought back the biggest hit in my family, Snow Bites. The chocolate shell coated balls with a powdery layer on top have been one of the biggest sellers throughout the years and from the way my mum adores them I can see why. Much like a winter version of mini eggs, they are easy to place into stockings and to hand around the office during the chilly months as an instant pick me up.

However, that isn’t all the team have brought back this winter. Allowing us all to go back to when we were little, they have also created tubes of Freddy Faces that instantly remind me of when I use to go to our local corner shop to get a 10p Freddo bar after school. Now these tubes mean that the whole family can be reminded of this and the little ones that have now joined us can fall in love with them like we did.

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Cadbury have made this year all about football. The biggest difference to anything we have seen to previous years and it works. With Boxing Day being the start of the football season in the UK, the chocolate has been lifted out in different colours to reflect the ultimate match day experience.

In a new selection box, much like their retro box which I have shown before and was kindly gifted again, this great Premier League box features the newest flavours to the group. Daim, Oreo, Oreo Mint and the classic Dairy Milk have made the cut to give us all a match made in heavy when we pair them with the best of Christmas TV or even with a Boxing Day match!

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Cadbury has also made sure to bring back the brilliant festive Christmas decorations and advent calendars that can be enjoyed each day in the lead-up. I don’t know how, but amazingly the decorations always last till after Christmas in our house and my family finds them perfect to eat when taking the tree down. I think it helps to soothe that fact that the festivities are over aha!

Film nights in need Cadbury’s! Christmas’ need Cadbury’s! And now you can enjoy both during the festive season. Whether it be one of the gift selections or one of these classic staples, it is very much a tradition we must keep going lovelies.

What Cadbury chocolate treat will you be enjoying this year lovelies?

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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