The Happy Prince DVD Review


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The Happy Prince isn’t the first appearance for Rupert Everett as Oscar Wilde. The star who made the historical figure his own in a play adaptation is, however, tackling a very fresh look at the literary hero, who has become an icon in many ways for many people.

Based on the last years of Wilde’s life, after he is released from prison, Everett captures the fragile moments that his last years became. Living on his own, Wilde is faced with dealing with the trauma from his time in prison and the homophobic world in which he lives in. Unable to truly be himself, he seeks to find a world that lets him live his life the way he wants to.

Unlike many other films about the world-famous author, this one succeeds for the way in which it plays attention to the life and details that made the man. Not just taking the easy route to tell audiences about the books he made, the film shows Wilde for what he really seems to be. A person who Everett has obviously studied hard to get right.

Although he has already played the figure before, the star manages to put on another fantastic lead role. He understands what he wants audiences to learn about the character and has provided them with a sense that he made sure the story stayed true to what needed to be told.

Having stayed away from the limelight for a small amount of time, Everett has made his big screen return an epic one. Giving a performance that many will remember and learn from. One that will make sure that future filmmakers and current ones turn to him when they need someone to trust to tell a story right.

There so, I am giving the film…

4 Stars

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