The Blog's Ultimate 2018 Halloween Food & Drink's Guide For Your Spooky Film Night In


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Halloween is just around the corner and my house is being decorated as we speak! This year I have gone all out and whilst I will be spending it sitting indoors binging on the most terrifying films of all, I will also be hosting a little terrifying film night in for my family and friends.

When it comes to hosting a movie marathon, there is only one thing that goes with it and that is food! Although I am going through something with it, I still know how to treat the trick or treaters and those gathering at my house during the spooky season. Sweets, baked goods and a little tipple are the way forward.

If like me you are hosting a night in, but are worried about what to get in on the night, don’t panic! I have gathered some of the best things I have seen, heard and tried to help you host the ultimate food fest that will leave your guests scratching at the doors like zombies for more.

Cadbury Goo Heads, Supermarkets, £1: A bit like a Cadbury’s Crème Egg, but without the yellow goo, these tiny and big treats are perfect to put in trick or treaters bags. Or to use as a little egg hunt (not just for Easter) if you are hosting a party. My mum isn’t a huge fan of crème egg’s but when I asked her to try one of these, she really liked them and could definitely taste the difference.

Skull With Blood Orange Vodka, il Gusto, £8.50: One for the grown-ups, this skull shaped glass bottle is filled with delicious blood orange vodka. Giving itself a spooky affect this berry scary beverage will keep even the most blood thirsty tamed. Super sweet with a hint of bitterness, you will love it from the first sip lovelies.

Cadbury’s Treat Size Goodies, Supermarkets, From £1.50: Perfect for a party or for those knocking on the door, Cadbury’s have got every angle covered with these classic bars of goodness. Crunchie, Fudge and even a Heroes party selection will leave guests betting for more by the end of the night. Just make sure to save yourself a few bars to enjoy when the festivities are other.

Skull With Absinthe, il Gusto, £8.25: Absinthe is the devil’s drink apparently, so if Halloween isn’t the time to drink it then I don’t know when is. In a cute little bottle, it doesn’t take much of this lethal drink to feel its affects. Drink with care lovelies!

Hanging Disney Mickey Mouse Halloween Decorations, Amazon, £3.99: Okay, so it isn't a food! But if you are like me, then you will love Disney and will try to work it into every occasion. Currently I am getting ready to head on holiday to Disneyland Paris and these little decorations are getting me very excited for it. Great for kids parties or even a family decorated home, these film characters have every right to be enjoyed during the most scariest time of the year. Forget Michael Myers lovelies, it is all about Mickey Mouse.

Pink Vodka In A High Heel, il Gusto, £29.00: Vodka has never looked so devilish and classy at the same time, until it appeared in this new glass bottle. Whilst it may be the most expensive item on this list, it is worth every penny to help you look the best at your party and others over the haunting evening. Just watch that heel!

Jelly Pumpkins 1kg Bag, Amazon, £9.49: Everyone loves pumpkins during October. It wouldn’t even be October without them. As you snuggle up for a scare filled streaming session, get this 1kg bag of goodies in first and enjoy their sweet faces instead of watching the horrifying mess happening on screen. I honestly don’t think I have ever seen anything cuter lovelies.

Halloween 2018 has never tasted so good lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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