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When you were at school, what were you like? Were you the kid who couldn’t wait to leave at the end of the day? Or someone who loved every minute and couldn’t wait to take part in the extra tasks on offer?

In Wes Anderson’s classic, Rushmore, which is being re-released today on Blu-Ray, Jason Schwartzman - a then newcomer - plays Max. An eager figure, who thrives in the extra-curricular activities that take place within his school. Yet, his school work doesn’t seem to match up. There so, when his teacher, who has a crush on offers to help him, he can’t help but say yes. Even though she has a boyfriend played by Bill Murray.

Made in 1998, this classic is one of the founding fathers of Anderson’s collection and a sure-fire way of highlighting why he always returns to Schwartzman. Using a script made alongside Owen Wilson, every moment oozes that classic Anderson look that has made him so well known today.

From up close and centre sequences reflecting the area and characters to the sharp and clever words that pore from their mouths, it is hard to not fall under its spell.

Using influences from previous films such as Ferris Bueller and The Breakfast Club, Schwartzman delivers a rebellious figure who you can’t help but love. Although there is much about him that if he was real would probably annoy you. It is the work of one-liners and classic eye contact movements that make him not so hard to view.

The film is a cult classic that will continue to stem a fandom for years to come, as they get to grips with the world of Max and his friends. Relationships, school and even Anderson features may come and go, but Rushmore is lodging itself as a fan favourite quite nicely. Even 20 years later!

There so, I am giving it...

4 Stars

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Joey X

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