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Released just a few months after I was born, Il Postino: The Postman, was a romantic hit for all who embraced the gorgeous Italian landscape and epic love story. Now for the first time ever, the film has been released on Blu-ray and so I delved in to find out what made it stand out to audiences then and 23 years later.

Set in the 50s, the film follows Pablo Neruda, a poet from Chile, who is exiled to a tiny island. Whilst there, he is faced with hundreds of pieces of fan mail, leading to a new postman called Mario having to be hired to keep control of it. As Mario delves into the world of the elderly man, he also finds himself falling for a young woman called Beatrice.

Tragedy and love go hand in hand with this film, as it provides a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet in the 80s. There is a certain charm to the way in which the cities are captured and the birth it provides for new love and downfalls. The acting is great and the way in which the plot uses the space around it to highlight and brighten ideas is key.

For a love story with a difference, Il Postino provides it. Not many films or even TV shows have focused on the emotions, lives or stories of a Postman (we don’t count Postman Pat for now) and it really works. As a figure, they are probably people who know a lot about the places and people they deliver too and this film plays on showing the other side of the people who make sure you still have contact with others. An original and smart idea.

All of which leading  to this…

4 Stars

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