Keeping Faith DVD Review


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Eve Myles is an actress who really deserves to be celebrated more. From powerful turns in Broadchurch and Victoria, her next adventure into Keeping Faith proves to all who watch that she is an incredible leading lady!

Myles plays a woman called Faith, who is currently going through a divorce whilst bringing up her three kids. As she prepares to go on a night out to celebrate, her evening takes a turn for the worst when her new partner Evan becomes someone everyone fails to trust. Unable to remember what happened upon her return home, Faith works to piece the night back together to find out the truth.

Drama is what the BBC does best and this Welsh hit is a star amongst them. With an incredible cast and a great performance from Eve Myles, the show will soon be the talk of the ow I am sure. However, it doesn’t hook you in right away and there a number of qualities about it that don’t quite work.

An element that does though is the performances that will change the game for all involved. They have obviously all delved into the script hard and garnered knowledge from real sources to give themselves marvellous strip up in the TV game. Something that makes it easy to see why audiences flocked to the series.

One thing that doesn’t work though is the title. With such a hard-hitting storyline at times, filled with suspense, the title presents itself in a sloppy manner. Nothing about it shines the same light as the rest of the series, as it honestly could mean anything. It would have been better if the team behind the series had gone with a cleverer solution.

Overall the show is a gripping watch, which will springboard Myles career into something else. She will soon be appearing in even more lovelies, mark my words, and with a great background, she will be able to play any character. However, she may want to break away from Faith instead for fear of missing out on roles.

There so, I am giving the series…

3 Stars

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Joey X 

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