Bloody Spear at Mount Fiji DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

If you had asked me who Tomu Uchida was lovelies, I would have admitted that I did not know. Until now, as his 1955 smash hit, Bloody Spear at Mount Fiji has been re-released to share the director’s talents with a new generation.

Set during the Edo period, the film captures a samurai and his servants, as well as the people they meet, as they embark on an epic journey. From a mother and baby to the local police officers, the film captures the heart of the character's world, whilst also placing them in a dangerous realm, which will hook audiences in from far and wide.

As one of the first Japanese films to reach critics around the world, it is surprising that Bloody Spear hasn’t been given more recognition. There are many obvious moments that directors nowadays have been inspired by.

The scenes and pieces put into motion also show how progressive the film was for the time it was made and this is where audiences will find themselves shocked because the film didn’t get a very big release.

Overall, Bloody Spear is a work of art for director Uchida and it is sad to see that it didn’t get more praise at the time of its release for how good it is. Hopefully, with the new release, this will all change.

There so, I am giving it…

4 Stars 

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Joey  X

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