Unbeelievable Health Are Here To Give You Superhero Powers This Coming Winter!


Good Afternoon Lovelies,

Let me start this post by saying that it features an item that I never thought would be on the blog. But one I am happy to tell you all about!

As I prepare this year’s Christmas gift guide, I reached out on social to see if anyone would like to get involved. One company that spoke to me was Unbeelievable Health, who specialises in making sure that people stay healthy all year round.

Wanting to see and discover more about the brand before I told you all about it, the team kindly sent me some of their Daily Defence formula to try. Helping to protect you from the nasty bugs that go around during the winter, the naturally made capsules can be placed into food or drinks and can be taken as a daily vitamin or as a medical source when the first signs of illness appear.

As many of you know, I am literally like a member of The Walking Dead. The zombie kind. If a bug is going around I will get it and my body takes it way over the top. Something that has led me to trying to live a healthy lifestyle in order to protect myself. There so, these capsules appealed to me. However, I will say that the grey colour of them didn’t so much aha!

I decided from early on that I would use them as a medicine rather than an everyday element, the random sore throat I woke up with on Sunday led me to putting one of these in my morning porridge. Having no affect on the look, the pills natural taste did come through and I was really pleased with the flavour. From the colour of the pill, I didn’t know what to expect. But the cherry and açai really worked well in making my breakfast so much better.

And it did make my sore throat better. By about midday, I no longer had it and was feeling lots better. The pills aren’t that expensive and if you were to use them in the same way I did then you would only need to buy one or two a year.

The immune formula isn’t the only one though and it would be best to look at their website to find the formula that works for you. I really liked how quick these seemed to solve my icky throat and whilst I wouldn’t normal seek something like this out, it is nice to have a natural product to turn to to do the job. Something any health freak like me should look into lovelies.

I will definitely be exploring more of the range that Unbeelievable have on offer and including them in the guide (look out for more news soon) to show you even more of their choices lovelies. But if you give them a go before all of this, please do let me know in the comments below or on social what you think!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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